More Book Titles like "Under the Grandstands" by Seymore Butts?

Anyone know anymore “Book Titles” like these?

“Fifty Yards to the Outhouse” by Willie Makit, illustrated by Betty Wont

“Yellow River” by I. P. Freely

Spunk on the bed, by Mister Compleetly.

Opening up my 1970 time capsule…

“Hawaiian Erotica” by Kamana Wannaleia

“Birth Control in Russia” by Ivana Kutcherkokoff

“Impotence in France” by Jacques Tutite

“Attack of the Tiger” by Claude Balls

“My First Year in Prison” by Ben Dover and Phil McCracken

“20 Years in the Saddle” by Major Asburn

“Lonely Nights” by Jack Hoffman

“Two Mikes: How They Did It” by Mike Hawk and Mike Hunt

“Lights Out at the Boy’s School” by Holden Cox and Sharon Dix

“How to Make $30” by Chu Sum Wang

“Stain on the Great Wall” by Hoo Phlung Pu

“Venereal Disease and its Effects” by Maya P. Burns and Dick Hertz

“Spilt Milk” by Oliver DeFlo

“Outdoor Survival” by Justin Case

“The Insomniac” by Eliza Wake

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: