More books written about Jack The Ripper than Abe Lincoln.

So I was watching ‘Copycat’ and the killer says “There are more books written about Jack The Ripper than Abe Lincoln.”
Can anyone shed any light on this?

On a related note I recommend Roger Ebert on The Newtown killings -
The best thing would be to have as little media coverage for this as possible.

The number of books written about Abraham Lincoln is easy to find. The Ford’s Theater Center for Education decided to put one copy of each one in a tower they built for the purpose. There are an impressive 15.000 books written about Abraham Lincoln. That is a pretty tough bar to beat.

I can’t find a definitive cite for Jack the Ripper but most references suggest it is the hundreds range. That is still impressive but nowhere near Abraham Lincoln’s total.

Yes let’s have as little media coverage as possible so that we can all remain hopelessly ignorant and no solutions put forth.

To be fair, we know who Abe Lincoln was. There isn’t much room for speculation about his true identity.

Correct. I am not sure how widely known it is but I have known her true identify for many years thanks an expose by the Weekly World News.

Good point, although possibly undermined by being made on a public message board, while citing the blog of a well known media identity, in relation to a recent incident of the should-not-be-covered type.

I am not sure that is the right idea and I appreciate knowing about the threat. Jack the Ripper is bad but probably dead or at least incredibly old now. Granted, I keep a shotgun beside the bed in case in he shows up at my house but I am not a female prostitute and live very far away from Old London. You can never be too careful but even I admit that the chance of him attacking me tonight is somewhat low.

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