More caffeine--tea or coffee?

I have been told by several people that tea actually has more caffeine than coffee; however, I have had just as many tell me the opposite is true. I know that certain blends of coffee and tea have higher amounts of caffeine and that brewing times will affect the amount produced, but how do they compare in general?

Personally I like drinking both, but I usually stick with strong tea because it’s easier on my stomach.

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Whoops! Sorry, should’ve dug in a little further before posting. I’ve been lurking for awhile on the boards and didn’t want to ask about something already covered.

Thanks for the quick reply, though.

On average, a cup-a-joe has nearly twice the caffeine as tea. The average cup of coffee has about 100mg of caffeine vs. 50-60mg in tea. These numbers can vary greatly depending upon bean and leave types, though.

A can of Mountain Dew contains about 55mg of caffeine, Pepsi: about 38mg. Jolt weighs in at a tad over 70mg.

That 15 minutes of research sure paid off, didn’t it. Foiled again!

The way I always heard it, pound-for-pound, black leaf tea has twice as much caffeine as coffee beans.

However, since a pound of tea makes four times the beverage that a pound of coffee makes, cup-for-cup, coffee’s twice as strong.