more Deus Ex advice please?

Hi all.

Okay, I’m near the end of the game. I’m at the abandoned garage, trying to rescue Tiffany. I have got into the air ducts, onto the roof, and dropped down undetected into the second building where she is being held. I am crouching on the roof of the office part, looking down at one soldier & one man in black.

I have a sniper rifle, the sword, a pistol, a stealth pistol, a flamethrower, the dart gun & throwing knives. I can jump down into the midst of them in such a way that I am between the man in black & the alarm button, but he is hard to kill and immediately starts shooting WP rockets at me. Before I can kill him, the soldier pulls the alarm, and as soon as the alarm sounds, you’ve failed.

I am a master with the pistol & trained with the rifle. They both have a scope. But I just cannot kill that MIB SOB.

Anybody have any strategic advice?

I don’t recall this particular mission. Is it the one with the abandoned gas station? MIBs have an eye tatoo on the back of their neck. That’s a one shot kill with probably the pistol and the sniper rifle. Try that or kill the soldier first. If you can drop down in the middle of them you can probably kill the soldier in one swipe of the dragon tooth sword if you have the melee mod.

Do you ever use the flame-thrower? If I’m playing through with rifles or pistols I never carry any of the heavy weapons. If I’m playing through with heavy weapons the GEP gun and the plasma gun are the best.

Yes, the gas station. I didn’t know that, about the eye tattoo! Actually, that makes perfect sense. I like the flamethrower because it levels the playing field when you’re outnumbered in close quarters. And it worked great on that Woman In Black in the cathedral! But you’re right; I wish I’d hung onto the GEP gun.

You know, I’ve hung onto the sword the whole time, but I’ve never encountered a melee mod or any mod for it. Interesting.

I’m going to go try the tattoo – Thanks!

There isn’t a mod for the sword or any melee weapon. Snarky’s referring to the Augmentation slot for the arms. (You can either improve your hand-to-hand combat prowess or your lifting strength.)

Correct. Sorry about the confusion, it’s been a while since I played through and forgot about the distinct terms. The nano-sword is the best. With the melee aug it’s a lock pick, a flash light, and a demolition tool.

By the way, while you’re at the gas station, use the sniper rifle zoom to take a peek at the gas prices on the big sign. Fifty some-odd years in the future, gas will be over $4/gallon. Astonishing!

That’s why this game sucked- no way that could EVER happen- even in a world in the midst of a bogus war started by a few dudes over nothing.


Probably too late now, but I believe that gas grenades work on them. Only problem is that they blow up if they become unconscious.

Nope. MIB only blow up when killed. If they fall unconscious, they don’t explode.

Fair enough. Been six years since I played it, so I misremembered a bit. Thanks for correcting the information.

Pretty sure that they do.

In any case, can you manage a sniper shot to the MIB’s head, Bru? If so, hop down onto the industrial refrigeration unit where the girl is being held, edge up to where you have a clean shot and then drop him. I always sniped MIB’s (trained up the 30.06 as my first weapon, never did train the pistol at all, even moved the initial point during character creation). I never knew that there was an eye tattoo on their necks, but a sniper round to the brain seems to put them down just fine in any case.

With any luck, the blast will take out the trooper too. If not, immediately jump down and use a high damage weapon, like the combat shotgun, to blast him before he can kill the hostage.

Nope. The problem is, unlike most enemies which can be taken down with one tranq dart, it takes 3 to drop the MIB. And from my experience, you have to let each one take full effect on its own before tagging the MIB again. (In other words, firing three shots at once won’t buy you much.) Throw a gas grenade into the mix, and you can probably take down an MIB with 2 darts or maybe even 1 (never tried). You can also try to sneak up and riot prod them, but the MIB are often times armed with weapons that kill you in one or two hits. (e.g. the Energy Sword will kill you with one swing).

But unless you want to try a no kill game, it’s rather moot to not just take out the MIB with kill shots. It’s easier, and frequently the MIB exploding takes other enemies with it. The only drawback is that exploded bodies leave no loot, but MIB tend to have lousy loot anyway, with the exception of an early one that carries a nano-key, but even that nano-key is to a door that can be overcome in other ways.

It’s been a while since I played through the game… probably before the GotY edition. However, during the scene where you need to defend Paul in his hotel room, I always placed numerous gas grenades in the hotel lobby, the stairway and in the hall leading to his room. Then I barricaded the entry in the actual hotel room with all the furniture I could find.

Long story short is that depending on where I put the gas grenades and how the enemy AI worked, sometimes MIB’s would get knocked out, and they’d always explode when they went unconscious. They might’ve changed the game in the GotY edition, I suppose. But I’m not sure…

Man… I love that game. Still stands up to the test of time, despite the shitty graphics.

I wound up doing it with the sword. If you surprise the MIBs before they can start lobbing WEP rounds at you from the depths of Reverb Hell, it only takes one fell swoop. I jumped down in just the right spot to obstruct the trooper from pulling the alarm.

I am now at the endgame, and I must say, I have had more fun playing this game than almost any game ever. It’s right up there with Halflife, Alice, and FAKK 2. (I love FAKK 2 – the protagonist was modeled on a porn star; & when she holds a broadsword, it looks as though she must surely fall over forwards!)

I have had like three weeks of gameplay, counting the two times I had to go back to the beginning cos Gametap lost all my savegames. I remember still being in Hell’s kitchen, and thinking it must be almost over. You really got your money’s worth out of PC games back them, eh?

By contrast, I bought Prey a few months ago, & was finished in a few days.

Thank you for the advice, everyone.

I’m wondering how American McGee’s Grim will be; but I’m leery of Gametap and the whole idea of “episodic” gameplay.

Ahhh. You might be right. I know in the GotY edition (which is what I’ve played) they pass out when tranq’ed/gassed. However, it’s also possible that they will always blow up in the hotel scene regardless. I didn’t even try to knock them unconcious in that scene. I used the gas grenades only in the hall past the door to Paul’s room to halt the advance while I’d intentionally target the MIB’s for death, just so when they’d blow up, they’d take any others next to them with them. Once the MIB’s are gone (and a few of their regular compatriots), I just started sniping the rest of the soldiers in the lobby, who never tried to actually go up the stairs. (Granted, you still take a lot of damage since there are so many of them.) I actually got all the way back to the subway and the park, where I promptly ran from Navarre and got captured by Gunter.