More evidence conspiracy theorists are a special kind of special



The more I read the internet, the more I am my own grandpa.

So, Princess Diana and Osama bin Laden are liches?

Wake Up, sheeple!! Learn the Truth THEY don’t want you to Know about Schrödinger’s cat!!!


Thats not fair really, all this identified are idiots.

Isn’t that the point?

That Mitchell and Webb look, a BBC sketch show, had good bit about Diana conspiracies.

Princess Di IS Osama Bin Laden.
Have you ever seen them together?

One of my husband’s friends claims heartburn was ‘invented’ by pharmaceutical companies 70 years ago.

Well I would say there is difference between those so paranoid about government coverups they believe mutually exclusive scenarios, and conspiracy theorists.

A cryptozoologist might be able to convince me there are still undocumented animals to be discovered on earth, but then you have some who believe psychic bigfoot lives in their backyard.

I never said backyard as I don’t have one, I’m keeping him in my closet until he tells me next week winning numbers.

I wonder if the same people believe both that Obama was teleported to Mars by the CIA and that he’s a dangerous anti-American Kenyan-Indonesian socialist Manchurian candidate.