More fashion from the runway

Be the first on your block to sport the latest fashion!!

<insert your own Elmo joke here>


[sub]The suit is nice, though.[/sub]


Well, its probably warm…

This woman has a major fungal growth on her head. She really ought to see a doctor.

The tribbles are attacking this poor, emaciated woman’s head and all you people can do is make jokes?!?!? How dare you!!



I thought the link was going to be to the new Japanese fashion consisting of skirts which have lifelike paintings of women’s panty-clad bottoms on their backs, making it appear that they are see-through.

DOH stupid capslock. Make that

Love the glasses - you think I could get them in progressive bifocals??

Ooooooooh, I just have to get one!
Don’t worry, I’m just kidding

AAAAAHHHH!!! It’s coming right at us! stomp stomp

This reminds me of a lady I saw on campus today. She was wearing a brown wool toboggan, balanced carefully on the top of her hair. The thing was about an inch and a half from the top of her head.

Thats what happens when you don’t double check your spell componets.

It’s good to see Dr. Seuss finally breaking into the world of haute couture.

Better looking than the crap they sell at The Gap.

The suit and the lipstick are nice. At least what I can see of the suit. I hope those pants aren’t tapered.

Reminds me of a great big, red toilet brush.

Not there’s a swirley.