I got new pants.

They’re really nice:

Gap Chinos in Black - Hutton Style:
[ul]Waist - Slightly Below
Leg - Slightly Loose
Leg Opening - Straight[/ul]

They hang really nicely, however, they are, inexplicably 2 sizes larger than I usually take from the Gap. I would usually assume that I’d just put on weight, except that all my old Gap stuff still fits. Oh well - maybe they just changed their size model.

Anyhow - woohoo - new pants!

I’m waiting for…

Zipper - Open


Neat. New pants are one of the great pleasures in life that one tends to feel dumb about sharing with others IRL (at least I do!). Way to go alice, may they serve you faithfully and add to your enjoyment of life and of your wardrobe. Give them greetings from my new t-shirt! :slight_smile:

Nah, galen, you gotta realize, she’s just purchased these pants, so they’re gonna be glued to her frame for the next couple of days, at least. :smiley:

I like your pants… they would look good on the floor next to my bed. :rolleyes:

psst, pezpunk, I think you used the wrong smiley!

A couple of days, Nenya_Elizabeth? That’s OK - I’m not off for a week anyway. :smiley:

Emergency Pants!


Guys - I haven’t even put them on yet. You can probably relax with the bids to get them off.

I always notice that when I get something new, I save it until I’m working at the largest # of jobs on a particular day - I don’t like to waste the “newness” for just a trip to the grocery store or something - does anyone else do this?

Nenya_Elizabeth my pants send greetings and salutations to your shirt!

Yeah, I usually try to make the first time I wear something new be on a day when I am going to something special, even if that is just school/work, as opposed to just lounging around the house. But of course I also want to wear them right away so I can enjoy them right away, so it’s a tug of war. If, say, I buy something new on a Thursday, I’ll probably wear it to school or work on Friday. But if I buy it Friday, it might not get worn til Sunday church or Monday morning.

The comment about the jeans being glued to you for a couple of days refers to the fact that I almost wear out my new stuff within the first week that I’ve got it, because I’m so glad to have it! Nuts, eh?

(Egad, alice, I think we’ve got talking clothing! :D)

Nah - I do the same thing - when I get something new I basically wear it a lot until it doesn’t seem new anymore. :slight_smile:

Today is the first day for pants - I have to work at my store so there should be lots of people to appreciate my pants!

I actually have kinda new sandles that I’m going to wear today too.

Woo hoo! The pants are a hit!

I wore them because I thought I was working today, even though I wasn’t. I got to work found out I wasn’t scheduled and left to see my friend.

I saw her and she said:

“Hey - Nice pants!”

YES!!! My pants are successful. Comfey too! :slight_smile:

Whew! What a relief. Thank God she didn’t say “You’ve put on weight - look at that fat roll!”

:d&r: :smiley:

Yah - that would have been really annoying - fortunatly, it was a different friend. :smiley:

I was thinking more along the lines of not having to endure another round of the Mad Hatter and his multiple personalities. :wink:

True, true. There is much wackyness in the world. :slight_smile:

Damn you Tattva I was gonna say that!
However, I did get to use the line “This sounds like a time for emergency pants” several times on Saturday night, so I guess that’s okay.