No Pants!

As my pants were shrinking (their size seemed to change inversely according to how much I ate :confused:), over the last few months I bought some new dress pants for work. I had 3 pair and was managing to stretch them out over the week by either refraining from my usual practice of applying parts of my food and drinks to them, or by doing a small laundry load in the middle of the week.

I did have a number of the older shrinking pants available for an emergency even thought they were slightly uncomfortable. However, during my recent temporary madness caused by my bedbug apocalypse (wow, I got acopalyspe right the first time with no spellchecking!), when I started throwing out furniture I decided it was a good opportunity to really de-junk the place and in the process threw out some old clothing including the slightly uncomfortable but serviceable old pants. (Hey, I got three pair, what could go wrong?)

This weekend when I pulled my three pairs of dress pants out of the dryer two of them each had a cuff that had come completely undone.

Okay, easy… I’ll wear the one good pair Monday, look up a tailor close to work, and take the two cuff-challenged ones there at lunch time then pick them up Tuesday or Wednesday. I can make the one good pair last two or three days if I’m careful, right? How long can it take to fix some cuffs, right?

I handed them to the very nice proprietor, told her what I wanted, and she said, what’s better Friday or Saturday? :eek:

I said "well I brought them here because you’re near work so it would be a little out of my way to pick them up Saturday. She replied “okay Friday”.

I think I was muttering “Friday” “Friday” over in over in a daze as I walked out.

There must be a clothing store near work…

I try to have 5 pairs of work clothes (including Pants!) so I can do laundry on my days off. If I get out of rotation somehow, I have to wear and older worn out pair or the cleanest of the dirties. Fortunately, I’ve never had “no pants”.

Why are you washing dress pants in the washing machine?!

I’m assuming he bought dress pants that are machine washable?

Long ago, I stopped buying *‘dry clean only’ * (due to the inherent conflict with that label and my laziness), so I’m in the same boat of washing dress pants.

A cheerful ditty on the subject.

I’m not wearing any pants! At all! Right now!

OK — I’m wearing a dress.

Seriously, I just don’t get guys. No self-respecting woman would ever have only three pairs of work bottoms (I refrain from using pants as it could also be a skirt).


PS - I’m not wearing any pants either!

This thread was sadly not what I expected.

Okay, so I broke down and did a small load last night, including my lone pair of dress pants (that are machine washable Living Well, I’m not a total idiot), fearing that they’d come out with one or more cuffs undone.

They came out okay… well, good enough that a couple of pieces of tape inside the pant leg can hold up the part of the one cuff that’s started to come undone.

Obviously I need to buy a different brand of pants in the future. Either that or take them from the store directly to the tailor since they’re destined for a visit there anyway.

And yes, I need to have five or six pair on hand. I’ll be buying a few more this weekend, if I can find the time and money between buying some more shirts (new dress code, shirt and tie) and a new bed and living room suit.[sup]*[/sup]

*See Bed Bug Apocalypse.

Hm. I think I may be in the minority here. I only wear one pair of dress pants all week (4 times. Friday is jeans) and, as such, don’t understand the issue.

No issue, I guess. I probably could wear them 5 days (I’ll be wearing them 3). It just seemed… I don’t know… icky. Like everyone around me would be thinking “I wonder if he also sleeps in those pants”.

I vote for icky.

No pants under her dress. Dirty girls. :eek:

Go pantsless. Tell everyone you accidentally forgot your pants.

This is the perfect excuse to learn how to sew– you’ll have to make a small initial investment in time, pins, needles and thread, but you will never again be at the mercy of glacial-paced seamstresses or seams that go pop in the wash.

But if I learned how to sew then you wouldn’t get my oh so interesting threads about being pant-less.

So are you suggesting that the real reason Morrison appeared pantsless at that concert wasn’t because he was opposing the Vietnam War, the military industrial complex, white male capitalist pig hegomony, and the oppressive Miami heat? He just couldn’t find a washing machine or a tailor?

Damn, I hate having my illusions shattered.

That’s okay, it’s a really good sequential thread.

Or it will be in about a minute.

and here is another

I’m not wearing anything right now.

OP, what do you do when a button pops off? And a travel sewing kit is all you need if it’s just an occasional repair. I’m a competent sewer, it’s just not my thing, so all I need is a little travel thingy from Walgreens for under $5.