More fun with Nigerian scams... and a question

How are you today?

I write to inform you that we have already sent you $5,000.00USD through
Western Union corresponding of in Togo as we have been given the mandate to transfer your full
compensation payment of $1.800,000.00USD via Western Union Money Transfer by
the United Nations (ECOWAS). This is because the United Nations and (ECOWAS)
are supporting individuals due to the worldwide economy meltdown.

I would have requested for your phone number to give you the information
through phone but internet hackers were many. So i decided to email you the
MTCN and sender name so that you can pick up this $5,000.00USD to enable us
send another $5,000.00USD by tomorrow as you know that we will be sending you
only $5,000.00USD per day. The fund was sent in the name which you use in
opening your e-mail address.

Please pick up this information and rush to any Western Union to pick up the
$5,000.00USD and send us an email back to enable us send you another payment
by tomorrow.

Manager : Dr. John Kwame

Payment Information.
MTCN :_______________353-035-6597
Sender’s Name:_________Brenda Martin
Text Question:__________How Long
Amount Sent

Please Send us the below information for your next payment.
Mobile Number:
Receiver’s Name:

Email me once you picked up this USD5000.00 today.
Here is the western union information to pick up the

Dr. John Kwame


  1. It’s a shame to see the Planeteers have had to resort to scamming in order to save the Earth.
  2. If THIS is what our government’s UN dues are going towards, it’s no wonder we’ve got a budget crisis.
  3. The scammer was too afraid of “internet hackers” to call me on the phone, but sending an email is perfectly safe and secure?
  4. What happens if I actually go to a Western Union outlet and try to “Receive Money” with this info? I assume there isn’t actually $5,000 just waiting to be picked up by whoever takes the bait.

This is the first scam email I’ve seen that asks for your sex. I suspect a sex slavery ring. Proceed with caution…


Western Union will say it’s invalid. If you tell the scammer that, you’ll get a reply like:

You never know. Think Pascal’s Wager, and let us know how it goes.

If you wake in a bath full of ice with your kidneys gone, don’t come here looking for sympathy!

I’m going to have a really hard time coming up with ID that says my name is Frank SDMB.

You’re looking at it wrong.

I say, the question is: Can you come up with ID in the name of Frank SDMB that is at least as convincing as the Nigerian e-mail?

Post results here.