More Ghostbusters movies planned

Thought we had a thread on 'em already, but can’t find it. Can’t say I’m confident another Ghostbusters movie (or two, or three, or…) will be any good, but I’ll try to retain my natural optimism.

IIRC, the hype was that this movie would have an all-female cast of Ghostbusters. Gimmickry like that does not bode well for this movie.

ETA: Besides, didn’t the whole “Let’s show that women can do anything men can do” thing become passe in, like, the 1980’s?

I could see it working. For instance…the Ghostbusters, after their success of saving the world in their last movie are now selling franchise operations all over the place. Venkman and Stanz can do a surprise inspection on a new franchisee (Rick Moranis) to make sure the Ghostbusting operation is up to snuff, hijinks ensue.

You’re still calling ‘all female cast’ gimmickry, so, it’s clearly still needed.

This was basically the original premise of the first movie - it was going to take place in a world where “ghost busting” businesses were commonplace, and follow the adventures of one group of franchise owners.

No, it’s really not. It’s a form of tokenism.

I’m not sure you can call it “tokenism” when it’s the entire cast.

Once again proving my point.

All men - normal.
All women - gimmicky tokenism.

Do you really not see why this is a problem?

How about it has Melissa McCarthy who I hate and is so unfunny hyenas cry themselves to sleep them they see one of her films?

All women - normal. Using such to drum up free advertising - tokenism.

I thought there were two Ghostbuster movie projects currently in production; the all-female version already being discussed and another one, with some of the original cast (like Dan Ackroyd).

De gustibus. I like her. I thought she was hilarious in Bridesmaids.

The original cast idea died with Ramis I think.

There’s a Tatum and Hill dude-bros version that is also being worked on along with the lady-busters one.

I’ve read it’s a reboot. So they can start fresh and do their own thing.

According to wiki in the OP it’s a Tatum and Chris Pratt thing. Which I think would be great. Tatums already proven he can do comedy in the 21 jump street movies.

The great thing about an all female cast is that we won’t have to worry about them crossing the streams.