More Khree'atyvve [Creative] Names, Anyone?

I saw these first names on somobody’s kid’s class photo and had to share. Some of them are just bad spellings, and some of them I don’t know how to pronounce:
Quevon [pronounced like “Kevin”]

Any more new good ones to share?

Taijuan (pronounced Taiwan).

I know a Rachel who spells her name Raquel, and an Alexandra who uses to Xs.

One that I’ve seen multiple times recently is “Jaxson”. If you want to be kool like dat, just leave out the S altogether … it still sounds the same!


All had the same mother. They’re just “creative” enough (especially the first two) to look like misspellings.

5 years ago (and she has the graduation class program) my sibling who teaches high school in the south graduated young Miss Asshole. (Pronounced Ash Oh Lay)


Pronounced eye-tee-yawn-uh

The last time I was at the dentist he was telling me about this child patient of his called ‘N-a’, which, because the parents are just that cool, you pronounce as ‘Na-dash-a’. I hope she doesn’t get called ‘not applicable’ all her life. Or ‘Na-hyphen-a’ by more grammatically inclined people.

That’s just the Spanish spelling. If we have to put up with the Ysobels, y’all can take the Raqueles :slight_smile:

YA-soble? Yes-O-bel? How do you say that?

My mother hung a Very Creative name on me, for my first name.

You will notice that I vastly prefer to go by Lynn. Sometimes it gets misspelled a bit, but it’s NEVER mispronounced. I used to dread the new school year, not because I hated school (I rather liked it) but because I knew that between my first name, and Bodoni, the teacher or teachers would mispronounce my name for at least the first couple of months. I had the same gym teacher for three years, and she never was able to pronounce either my first or last name, and seemed to hold me personally responsible for my names.

I allow my blood relatives and my oldest, dearest friend to call me by my first name. Nobody else has that privilege. And when my parents die, I’m legally dropping my first name, so I can put Lynn down as my first name.

I received paperwork for someone named Dlizabeth. I though maybe it was a typo, but no, that’s how she hand-wrote her name, too. How do you pronounce Dlizabeth?

Some of the first names of students that I have had:

Captain, pronounced cap-tayn.
Dijonaisse. I guess her mom was frightened by a jar of mustard or something.
Ra’kel, pronounced with a long a.

Interesting sidenote: back in the 70s, the Texas Department of Public Safety undertook a massive conversion from paper driver’s license files to computerization. They set up a series of logic checks to make sure the data entry was valid. One of them checked to see that there were letters only in the names, and they had about a dozen rejects of people whose legal first name was T9C.

Welcome to the board, wombatinspats. Until somebody posts a birth certificate for N-a or La-a, I’m not going to believe this. Nothing personal, I’ve just heard it too many times. It’s todays Oranjello and Lemonjello.

Not by me, it isn’t.

There’s nothing to see here, really.

It’s pronounced the same as Isabel. The spelling Ysobel is at least 80 years old. In Very Good, Jeeves! by P.G. Wodehouse (1930), Aunt Dalia scolds Bertie by saying:

These days we wouldn’t blink at Ethyl instead of Ethel, Mabelle instead of Mabel, or Kathryn instead of Catherine. Gwladys probably looks strange to most of us, but I put that down to the rarity of Gladys altogether.

Sure I would; that’s an organic chemistry group, not a name.

“Raquel” is a fine name as long as it’s pronounced as in the pronunciation of actress Raquel Welch’s name. If it’s pronounced “Rachel” then I’ll sneer at it, unless that’s a proper pronunciation in another language.

Sounds like an urban legend to me.

Is that the bridge crew or the away party?

This, I’m afraid, will require supporting documentation to pass the smell test as well. So to speak.