More Maps - Some New Perspectives. Some Duds

In this “Terrible Maps” thread, I posted a link to an interesting site that showed a variety of maps. Most of them were interesting. A few of them were quite unique. Some of them were duds. It’s been many years since a link I posted proved as popular.

The link below is more of the same. 30 naps which sometimes show things in an interesting new perspective - or don’t. As always, your comments, maps, corrections and blather are welcome.

Old thread:

New maps:

Maybe I shoulda known this. But I never knew Smirnoff was perhaps the most common Russian surname.

What is that country between Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia, and British India in map #9 (c. 1910)?

Turkestan should be right around there… I can only make out “S?N?ANG”.


Sinkiang, which is nowadays transliterated as Xinjiang.



Maybe Smirnov/Smirnoff is the most common family name in European Russia, but it ranks behind Ivanov, and Petrov (according to multiple sources) in overall Russia.