“Terrible Maps”

I love this article on terrible maps. But many of them are cool, and I’ll never have trouble finding Kentucky again.

Thanks for that! I sometimes teach basic cartography, so this might be useful.

Most of those maps were great (not terrible). Thanks!

Yeah, I appreciated the illegal immigration map, the Argentina/Aren’tgentina schematic, and the image showing the risk of bear attack in particular, but a lot of them were quite fun.

I loved the comment about “don’t forget about ursa major and ursa minor”!

No. I will not turn off my adblocker. I’ll just not read your silly map story. So there! Take that, Bored Panda!

I think you can read them without turning off your ad blocker. They just make a snarky comment, or something.


They don’t bug me to turn off my adblocker.

You have to check “I will continue with ad-light experience” or something.

I have Adblock Plus and didn’t see anything like that.

I really like the maps showing the interconnected oceans, illegal immigration, bear attacks and various Mexicos (why is West Mexico so Far East?). I don’t know how you would even come up with the idea of average flag colour.

These are pretty cool.

I found #4 the Spilhaus Projection fascinating (like @Dr_Paprika). I had trouble finding the CONUS west coast, until I spotted the Baja peninsula.

#16, the Duck – pretty cool picture, never saw it that way.

#24, the eagle’s ground trace over 20 years – truly fascinating!

#25, the 50% of Canadians line, interesting, especially since I’m planning a road trip to Alaska next year, and going into northern British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, and the northwest of the Northwest Territories (to Tuktoyaktuk). It’ll be very remote country there.

I humbly submit my own effort:

Google Photos


Oh, thanks so much for this. I’ve been getting so many laughs from the people’s comments. Some clever people!

The map of North America prior to Europeans is just wrong so many times over. That’s not even close to the territory of the Iroquois Confederacy, and they get the Mi’kmaq wrong too (assuming they occupied all of what is now New Brunswick, assigning a colonial boundary to them.) Those and fifty other errors. Yeesh.

Not really the point of that map, but, okay…

Not the main point, but it would have been much cooler if it were actually correct, because it draws you in to think about who was actually where geographically relative to the layout of the modern nation, and lends some concrete reality to what happened in our history.

Not sure I understand this, though I love the song. Do you stay in the same state if you shoot a man?