More odd brain word parsing.

I was half-ass listening to the TV and heard a news teaser blurb that there was some update in the lumbar liquid haters lawsuit.
WTF? What the Hell could that be about?

After several queries which I’m pretty sure confused even google I figured out they must have been talking about Lumber Liquidators. That makes a lot more sense.

There’s an Ethiopian restaurant in Baltimore called “Dukem”. I drive past it sometimes, and whenever I see the sign, my brain says “Duke Nukem”.

I do this kind of thing all the time. There is a sign outside the grocery store advertising flu shots that says “vaccinate against sickness”, and every time I drive by I read it as “vagina agitation specialists”.

Or the time I was convinced the back of the semi truck in front of me said “happy oatmeal discharge” instead of “hows my driving?”

Happens all the time. There’s a sign on my road which says ‘for sale’. This morning I read it as ‘In the name of Lucifer, spill the blood of the innocent!’

Come get some!

Yeah, last summer I passed a YMCA whose sign read “Hiring Leprechauns”. Turned out to be Lifeguards.

Madame P., many years ago, saw a sign offering “Formicatops” for sale. She read it as “Fornicators”.