Username Anagrams (courtesy of Sloth Brain)

A bit of username anagram fun, anyone?

Abhors Lint is pretty accurate. Rhino Blast is just fun.

If I eat Snail Broth, will I produce Lo-Bran Shit? If so, I’d take it and Lob In Trash.

Hmmm…is Hilton’s Bra a Harlot’s Bin?

Too bad I’m an east coaster, or I could’ve been Born L.A. Shit. Or had I been delivered in a beauty parlor, it would’ve been a Salon Birth.

I can always say “Hi, Last Born!” to my youngest nephew.

My shrink wanted me to take a Rorcharch test, but His Blot Ran.

Need help? Try here (the advanced options are very helpful for limiting number of words and such).

Apologies in advance to folks such as Eve.

The name’s Ringbone. Art Ringbone.

As long as we’re hanging out at the nitrogen bar, do you want to play some terran bingo with me and Robin Garnet? Cash only. No bartering. Ignore Brant – he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But maybe big retro Anne will play, too. She’s a hottie. (You know me, I’m all about the groin banter.)

Thanks for inspiring me to explore my inner Bogart.

Sorry to be a ranting bore. I’m done now.

That is a great “anagrammer” program you found.
I am surprised at how many anagrams the name “wolf meister” has !!!
Even using the advanced options, the amount of anagrams was barely manageable.

here are 2 I liked:

TWO FIRM EELS (Sounds like a macho heavy metal group huh?)

MIST FREE OWLS Are you tired of settling for owls that have far too much mist for your liking? Now, thanks to Ronco™ Research we bring you Mist Free Owls !!!

I’m about 1.4 ells tall. (Hey, I can get in on this too! I’m trying, anyway!)

Gee, all I have is “repeal.”

Only one I could come up with is I ROC.

Which I do, of course…


All I got was a list of Elder Gods’ names.
“ia! ia! Ac Nth Rho, ftaghn!”

Ogre are I, ergo a gore-goer!

I scream at dusk


I confounded the program! No anagrams found for my screen name. But if you allow for some slang, you can get “yo, poo soon.”

I am actor, Nick Lunt. I can clink trout but I cannot lick rut.

Some others that I like:

not until crack,
unlock tantric,
crank unto clit,
cat lick turnon.

I’m a sex maniac, from the sounds of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do mine! Do mine!

Well, I could open a roadside motel apparently:

Ye Goo Inn


Gooey Inn

with a **Neon Yogi ** sign


Ha! I comely polka hemp.

That’s just so apt! :smiley:

Let’s govern! If I’m going to campaign in Scotland and appeal to the glen voters, I should probably wear a longer vest. Ah, a voyeur named Vernon approaches me! The ogler vents about the fact that his favorite form of recreeation is a criminal offense. He further explains that he’s a breast man – legs rev not his libidinal motor. But he doesn’t just check out the lasses, he’s a gents lover as well. I inform the potential constituent that I won’t adopt his suggestion as part of my platform. Lest Vern go away unhappy, however, I tell him that if he grovels ten more times, he just might wear me down.

It seems you left an “I” out of your anagrams, OneYogini…but if you ever go golfing at Jellystone Park, you could get a Yogi In One. :slight_smile:

Oh and I I somehow managed to overlook:


Well, I’m gay-friendly…

Listen, all you Graph Posers, I can Shag Per Pros, known for my Sharp Gropes, but some people say that Her Props Sag. I think I’ll go shopping at the Gap Err Shops. Let’s be Rag Shoppers! Best of all, Grasshopper Grasps Her OP. Ah, I’m such a Grass Prep Ho. Just keep me away from those Gas Perp Hors.

Apparently I am some sort of Super- Woman because I can:
**Scribes smut **
scrubs times
scrubs items
bust crimes

Since I am from the good ol’ southern USofA and live in a swamp, I guess that makes me A swamp reb. :smiley: What I really like is when burly men in bars paw me. In my opinion, a ** warm spa be** a really good place to get to know those burly men better. :wink: