More on the apollo moon landing

I watched and episode of “Myth Busters” the other day that was very very good at proving that we went to the moon. I highly recommend it to someone who is still skeptical after reading the answer to this question

I think this is the staff report you’re referring to.
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People who believe that we didn’t send people to the moon are not going to be swayed from that position by something as ridiculous as evidence. Given that, watching MythBusters is certainly not going to convince them as the show is less about science and more about entertainment.

Someone who thinks the moon landing is a hoax is not likely to watch Myth Busters at all.

Wait! Are you guys saying that the moon landings were real??? :confused:


What? We landed on the moon?

Moon? What’s the moon?

You know, I really am a strong advocate for peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution, but this video of Buzz Aldrin just never gets old.

It’s a large ball of cheese in the sky but that’s not important right now.

Surely you can’t be serious?

I am, and stop calling me “Shirley”
RIP Leslie Nielsen

Sniff, wipes a tear, ‘I love you guys.’

Sadly, I think you’re right on. There is a website that shows photographs of the landing site, but (obviously) someone who thinks that the whole thing was a hoax won’t be convinced by mere photographs. If you invited them to look through a telescope that could see the landing site and debris left there (not possible, alas, but if it were…) they’d still say it was trickery. Those who are determined to believe (or not to believe) aren’t going to be swayed by mere evidence. Or reality.

Anyhow, welcome, aguyant, and thanks for the comment.

True. The ultimate out is that they can claim that we could send stuff up there but not people so even if there are manmade things on the moon, man has never been there.

Keep in mind that the majority of people who believe in the moon hoax do so because of a silly television show that Fox ran in 2001.

They did a good job of demonstrating a few key points. That hardly counts as proving anything.

Yes, there are people who have decided the answer is we didn’t go, and they won’t take any evidence to the contrary. There are, however, plenty of people who are confused by the deniers, such as people who watched that dreadful Fox show and didn’t know enough on their own to refute it. Those people are reachable with the right level of response. Certainly something like the Mythbusters show is on the right track for reaching them.

Once, in the 1960s, for about 20 minutes…

What was the show on Fox that convinced people that the moon landings were a hoax?


This is the Bad Astronomer’s writeup about the Fox show.

That’s the best part of being a conspiracy theoriest! You can just say the evidence is fake and demand “real” evidence! You don’t have to defend your position or produce any evidence yourself! :smiley:

Next you must prove that aliens don’t exist, have never, and will never come to Earth! (With a herring)