Remember Peggle?

I just discovered the all new Peggle Nights (link to demo) – and for only US$9.99 via Steam.


I just tried it - I love Peggle, but I’m not really seeing much difference here. What’s the best new feature?


It’s Peggle.


The best feature is that we can keep the limited demo edition and never ever pay, just like Snood! At least until the demo stops working.


plonk… plonk… plonkplonklonklonklonknknknkknkn BLOOMP!


New boards are nice. And when I played the demo I liked seeing the Peggle Masters’ dream lives. Plus there’s a super secret new Peggle Master, apparently, though of course the demo doesn’t go to that level.

Incidentally, I have the original Peggle on my iPod, but not my computer. It’s been ages since I played the original Peggle demo, so it was just plain WEIRD to see everything SO BIG!