more poetry please

I truely enjoyed the POETS NEEDED thread a while back and would like to see if anyone would like to share more.

Here’s one i wrote, (UncleBeer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it)

Forever entombed in the city of darkness,
drained of life, and filled with madness.
Get me out of the so called Glass City,
Send me to Cleveland, or Cincinnati!
The MudHens Suck, as does the Storm.
Winter’s a bitch, its always warm!
Nowhere to go with nothing to do,
even clubbing sucks, cept for The Bijou.
I feel alone, so I’ve been thinkin.
“Where’s the pot? Let’s start Drinkin!”

I must say I don’t have very good poem skills, but don’t say I didn’t try.

Its a good thing these chairs come with fart vents.