More projection than a 12-screen cineplex

This is a thread on your favorite projection by a political actor, whether elected politician or activist or whatever. Lately I’ve been hearing lots of comments about the R’s projecting their faults onto the D’s, but this is not limited to that. It’s quite possible that some D’s are projecting onto the R’s, so this thread is open to that.

Try not to argue too much about whether a specific comment is a projection or not.

Anyway, this thread is inspired by something Trump said recently and was quoted by Maureen Dowd:

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Kevin Rinke, a self-described Conservative outsider running for Governor of Michigan, has a political commercial that pisses me off. A zombie is shambling though a voting precinct with about 8 “I voted” stickers on a suit jacket and what looks like a Biden t-shirt underneath. The camera pans to Rinke, who says “why do dead people always vote Democrat?” He then goes on to say that if elected he’ll make sure to wipe out all voting fraud in Michigan. The commercial ends with him shaking his head ruefully at the zombie, hands on hips, like a disappointed sitcom dad.

One, this persistent myth that there’s widespread Democratic voter fraud has got to stop. It’s just wrong. Two, any recent isolated instances of attempted voter fraud that do get discovered all seem to have been committed by Repubs.