More proof that dogs are indeed superior to cats!

Hey all,
This dog is amazing! Although the dog was most likely not trained in CPR, this golden retriever did a pseudo-heimlich and saved its owner’s life. Wow.

So, I say to you, when was the last time a cat ever saved YOUR life, huh? I dont think so. Dog Power! :smiley:
Bow bow wow, yippiyai yippi yay,

Oh yeah? My cats give me the heimlich whether I need it or not. You know… just in case. Usually in the middle of the night. I assume they hear my snoring and believe it is desperate choking. Good kitties.

Cool dog. Good boy.

I don’t know if it saved my life per se, but about 5 years ago, my cat Ruckus woke me up in the night when a garbage can started smouldering after a hot ashtray was dumped into it.

His loud “MRRRRROW” and urgent pacing around the room was enough to wake me and get me to investigate.

Ruckus gets a can of soft food to himself everyday now.

Here’s the hero.

Of course cats can do the Heimlich. They could even do open-heart surgery, witrhout anesthesia, using just their bare claws (and their tongues to sterilise everything) – but they don’t need to actually do it to prove they are superior to dogs: they already know they are superior, and can’t be bothered with saving the lives of mere human beings,

When I saw the headline for that story about the dog, my first thought was, “Dog was probably trying to hump that poor lady.”

Psst…meek, Ruckus is stoned. :wink:

Heehee. I couldn’t decide if he was stoned, or if that was his regal “Lord of All He Surveys” look.

Handsome cat.

All three of my dogs are experts at the hiney-lick maneuver.

Do you actually believe everything you read? The dog wasn’t smart. His owner was on the floor and the dog wanted to play. boing boing

Completely authentic counter-proof

I vote stoned and regal Lord-of-all-he-surveys, which is entirely possible.

I own a dog, which is clear proof that they are ultimately superior to every other living being in every way. So nyah. :wink:

Then the dog ate the apple piece she was choking on.
[sub]Psst, he was after the food.[/sub]

Ruckus is ALWAYS stoned.

Mo however, is drunk.
It’s hard to believe these two stoned demons used to be this small and cute.

My brother has a drunk dog.

Heh heh - “hiney-lick maneuver” - Nice one pinkfreud

I think you left out some words from your title. Let me help:

"More proof that dog *owners * are indeed *willing to attribute near human powers of intelligence to dogs, despite all evidence that they are not actually * superior to cats!

More proof that dogs are indeed superior to cats!

Today my cat had to poop. No one had to let her outside. She used the litter box.

The litter box is currently empty because the dog ate the poo out of it.

Today my cat spent the day sleeping on my bed.

Today I saw my dog run into a wall.

…just sayin.

Meet 911 Kitty.

You can train a dog to go fetch a newspaper in the pissing rain, a newspaper which the dog can’t read.

Try teaching a cat to do that and then tell me which is the smartest animal

Big deal. Cats lick me. (that’s not my thread, but they do)

That’s more than can be said of my girlfriend.

Clearly cats in that instance.

I think we know who dumped the hot ashes in the trash, then.