More racism directed at Obama

A bunch of shitheads calling themselves the “Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated” is handing out “Obama bucks.” These are fake ten-dollar bills depicting Obama along with watermelon, fried chicken, and ribs.

The group claims this are not racist: *Diane Fedele, president of the group, said the move had no racist intent.

“I never connected,” she said. “It was just food to me. It didn’t mean anything else.”*

So you were just thinking of what to include on your fake Obama money, and you decided on food. Because food is commonly found on all kinds of regular and fake money. :rolleyes: And then, after randomly deciding to put food pictures on your fake money, you happened to randomly settle on fried chicken, ribs, and watermelon. :rolleyes: I guess there wasn’t room for collard greens and fatback and a 40 of malt liquor.

You stupid cunt.


And Kool Aid.

And he was dressed as a bunny.

Not racist, indeed. Not only is she a cunt, but a bald-faced lying cunt.

If it doesn’t mean anything and is just food, why is it there? Why not balloons or snowflakes or kittens or pebbles or any other irrelevant object?

Not a bunny, a donkey.

Which I am pretty sure is a lot worse than a bunny…

The Colonel and the Kool Aid Man should TOTALLY sue.

For that matter, why not cheese, apples, potato chips, and croissants?

Ah, I guess it is.

It’s not only racist, it’s kinda lame.

I’m actually starting to feel bad for the majority of the republican party that isn’t racist. This sort of nonsense keeps popping up and it isn’t helping at all. If I thought the democrats were capable of it I would think it was one of their own tactics.

CNN has a video on their site that shows a reporter confronting the organization’s leader’s husband and daughter. The results are hilarious.

The state level party officials were quick to distance themselves:

The article ends with:

I looked on CNN and ABC news, and neither mention the GOP wincing.


Looks like I’ll have to change my affiliation to “undeclared”.

Croissants? Might as well print these things on arugula leaves.

Well, the article says Fedele got the illustration via email, and didn’t make it herself, so I guess it’s remotely possible she is vastly ignorant and never heard of those particular stereotypes. The original creator certainly is being racist, of course. (And I’d bet Fedele was knowingly being racist too, if I had to bet.)

FYI: they’re supposed to be a takeoff on the old paper food stamps.

Not only is she a cunt, and not only is she a bald-faced lying cunt, she’s a cowardly bald-faced lying cunt.

Reminds me of the party at that Texas college where everybody dressed like gangbangers, Aunt Jemima, etc. and didn’t have racist intent behind it.

I thought the donkey part was because he’s a Democrat since the donkey is their symbol. Not that that makes these things any better, and I am in no way trying to defend them–my first reaction (when I saw them last night) was, “What the fucking fuck?” I am all too willing to believe, considering the racism of the rest of it, that there might be a worse interpretation.

Sounds familiar.

For definitions of hilarious that include horrifying and incredibly troubling.

I’m continuously dismayed (but, I guess, less and less surprised) that people think pleading ignorance will excuse them from responsibility for their heinous acts.

After watching the video I am disgusted. I am even more outrafged by the lady’s husband and daughter claiming its not racist. I will not claim to be able read their minds, but they’re lying. they’re either fantastically stupid or they’re lying. I think they’re only basically stupid, so I call a bs flag on it.

If John McCain expects Obama to repudiate any hurtful things he may have said, maybe McCain should publicly ask his supporters to stop this nonsense.

Ah yes! “But my mother married a Mexican! How could she possibly be racist?”

I’m originally from Arkansas, and whenever I come across a story like that, I’m going “Oh, God, it’s going to be somebody from Arkansas” while the link’s loading, then scan the article and go WHEW! when I find out it isn’t. That ever happen to y’all wrt your home state?

Cheese, apple, and arugula croissants?!

Where do I sign up?

Yup. If I dared to mention it to anyone besides my mother, though, people would try to strangle me with the state flag.