More smililes?

And my counterpoint is, what is the point of the word moonbat except to insult people? Why shouldn’t we place it on the black list and have the board software substitute ******* whenever it’s used?

A barfing smilie could be used to threadshit all over somebody’s kitten thread in MPSIMS, but ordinary words could be used to do the same thing. Should we therefore have a list of banned words? No, it’s not necessary because we have the DBAJ rule.

We can insult nonmembers all we want. A dingbat smilie would certainly come in handy in a Lyndon LaRouche thread.

That’s not quite the argument though. The argument is that :You Wingnut!: is likely to be used in a constructive fashion only rarely. I can’t see how the dingbat smiley would fight ignorance in a UFO thread, over and beyond the use of the english language.

Now I concede that rolleyes tends to be used in a deprecating fashion. But consider the alternative. Message board posts tend to resemble auditory conversation a lot, and people often use sarcasm in speech. But sarcasm doesn’t translate very well to the printed word: it appears harsh.
Like you care.

See how bad that looks? I retract that, apologize for it, and protest that I did it purely for demonstration purposes. Now let’s contrast:

Like you care. :rolleyes:

See? It’s still obnoxious, but it’s toned down a bit. For completeness sake, I’ll throw in Mr. Dubious.

Like you care :dubious:
That softens things up further. It would probably be for the best if sarcasm was dispensed with entirely. But that would require a lot of self-editing, to a degree that most of us would be reluctant to do. So again, existing emoticons fulfill the role that tone of voice and gesture do in real life. To the extent that moonbat or barf perform the same function they are intensifiers, not softeners.

ETA: Cross post! Curse you Lord Astar for making my point more succinctly. :smack:

I think that I agree that it’s “fine”. But I also believe that it can be usefully supplemented. Whether my implementation is actually an improvement though, is another issue. ( :rolleyes:? , :dubious:? , or :smack:? Choose one! :smiley: )

ETA: All that aside, the icons submitted by Plain Jane were nice ones. I especially liked the winged earth version. Kudos!

No, it wouldn’t come in handy at all. In that situation, using a dingbat smiley for simply saying, “Lyndon LaRouche is a nutjob”. Why is that difficult? Like I said earlier - use your words. A dingbat/moonbat smiley would be appropriate is so few situations - situations where 4-5 simple words are equally effective - that this discussion is completely pointless. Honestly - you’re going to argue for a new smiley that could be appropriately used - *maybe *- 3-4 times a year? A smiley that would, in 95% of other situations, be an insult?

Use your words.


Those wanting more smilies might try one of the satellite boards. I’m unaware of any additional smilies that in practice help fight ignorance, but if one is discovered I for one would like to know about it.

IMHO, pukey doesn’t add much.

Why does that matter? There’s only one forum for fighting ignorance here: GQ. The rest are opinion based. There’s some ignorance fighting going on in them, but that does not seem to be their primary purpose. It seems to more be a place for non-ignorant people to converse.

That said, I’m not to fond of pukey either. If we need a gross emoticon, I’d prefer something else.

Well, there’s Cecil’s columns and Staff Reports. And to the extent that sound argument is respected, I would say that ignorance is fought in GD. You can still fight ignorance while discussing questions that have no definitive answer. I haven’t hung around the Cafe much, but literary criticism is a legitimate field of endeavor. etc.

To address BigT’s point more directly though: this board is dedicated to fighting ignorance, though of course much else goes on here as well. If somebody wants to put forward another criteria for why another emoticon should be introduced, have at it. I maintain though that the internet is big enough to have at least one site without 300 flashing smilies, however fun(zy) they may be.[sup]1[/sup]

[sup]1[/sup] Straw man, straw man!

I never thought about using it to insult people though of course it could be. I was thinking of applying them to ideas. Both wingnut and moonbat are thrown around here pretty casually. I don’t see how a graphic representation is any different. And honestly I was just being lighthearted in those suggestions - I’m not on a crusade.

And Munch, regardless of how much you guess they might be used (which I disagree with BTW), what’s the harm of having them as an option? They’re free.

Please see my first post in this thread.

Okay, what reason do you have besides implying that people who use smileys are ignorant and thus unworthy of posting here?

What reason do you have for putting words in my mouth?

Patty O’Furniture said:

The thing is, we don’t have to guess at this, we have actual board history. The wally smiley was a winky smile with the word “putz!” coming out of its mouth. And even though there were rules about how to use it and how not to use it, those rules were violated frequently, especially by newbies, because the smiley was sitting there next to all the other smileys waiting to be used.

Measure for Measure said:

I don’t think your example is particularly good, because I don’t see the emoticons doing any softening.

Interestingly enough, what I’ve been thinking of as sarcasm is really irony. So my own understanding has to be corrected. :frowning:

Huh. I guess opinions differ.

When seen in close proximity, I concede that they resemble each other more. But I find the first to be “Stark, harsh and hostile sniping that will take you to the pit”, the second merely obnoxious and the third somewhat condescending. Like you care.

(Again, I did that for demonstration purposes with apologies. How would you characterize the intensity of that unaltered remark? Also, do you disagree that rolleyes et al act as softeners in general? Because if so, I’d hypothesize with respect that your opinion may be in the minority.)

Despite my skepticism towards adding pukey, LaRouchie, yin-yang or splats to the lineup, I admit to some fascination with this topic. If there’s an emoticon that truly conveys something that usefully and constructively complements a post in a way that mere words do not, I’d be interested to know about it. It’s just that I don’t think the selection should be driven by a juvenile desire to act out or even a fondness for certain visual concepts such as hijacking pirates or stealthy ninjas. Which, FTR, I share.

HOLY BUTTFUCK THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! Ugh, I’ve just tried to compose this post twice and had computer glitches delete the post on me in the middle. Hard to compose my thoughts when they keep getting deleted out from under me.

Where was I?

Measure for Measure said:

I don’t agree that smilies work as softeners per se, that’s not really their role. They may act as a softener to turn a jab into a wave (;)), or they may make the tone more harsh (:rolleyes:).

The thing is, I had to go look this up because of this thread, and it turns out I’ve been confusing sarcasm for irony. When I drop a rolleyes, I’m using it to mean state I mean the opposite of what I just said. “Dancing smileys would be so cool! :rolleyes:” So it wouldn’t make much sense to drop a rolleyes after someone else’s post because you can’t ironize your words when you don’t add words.

But that’s not what sarcasm is. Sarcasm is intented to be harsh.

So with that, it does make sense to drop a rolleyes after someone else’s post, because what you are saying is “what you said is stupid”. So when I drop a rolleyes after my post, it works, because what I am saying is “what I just said is stupid”. But that’s not the sole function of sarcasm.

When you say, “Like you care”, I’m not really sure what you are trying to convey. Because I probably don’t care, so I’m not going to be offended by you stating it for me. Dropping a rolleyes or dubious on that doesn’t really change the message.

So now I don’t know what to make of rolleyes. Perhaps we do need a new smiley, an irony face. Though I don’t know what that would be, since rolleyes is taken.

I don’t know, a hijacking pirate to drop in instead of [hijack] might be nice. And a stealthy truth ninja would be nice. :wink:

Okay, I am in agreement with you.

It’s also worth noting that the name of that smilie was “happyyid.”


[sup]I keed, I keed[/sup]

We should have emoticons for each of the Three Wise Monkey!

From a thread in CS:

If people can’t properly translate a simple regular colon|paren smiley face, why do we think more would clear up future confusion?

There is actually some experience with these concepts on the satellite boards. The unaboard (which aspires to be more polite than the SDMB) contains Misters Paranoid, Yuk, and Tinfoil Hat - that last one works for both wingnuts and moonbats in my view. I myself don’t use any of those very much, but…

Incidentally, they are usually used in the first person, though not always. That is they say Haha I am paranoid or I am yucked out or I am putting forth a nutty concept.

The Giraffeboards (which aspire to be less polite than the SDMB – or less restrained!) have Misters Tinfoil, Facepalm (a relative of smacky), Yuk, Hijack, Ninja, as well as the intriguing Poke, Science and ScienceFail. No paranoids though. Huh. How are they working out for you gang?

Those whose precious thoughts cannot adequately be expressed with mere words (I sympathize) might experiment with text-based Japanese or Anime Emoticons. They contrast with Western ones in that they are read horizontally, not vertically.

Tears, I am sad: (;:wink:
I cry, I am sad: (T_T)
Happy, grin: (^
^) or simply ^^
Wink: (-o) or ^- or ^
Confused: (p_q) or more likely @_@

Yuk! (>O<)

Awkward, embarrassed (add sweat mark) ^_^;

Heh, i use those right now… I tend to use the “Wha?” (O_o) and his twin brother, “whuh?” (o_O) as well as my own version of the facepalm (-_-)

@_@ looks like a dizzy guy and p_q is a guy wearing two monocles. :wink: