More suggestions for soft, quasi-folk mix?

Here’s the batch of songs I’m picking through at the moment. . . I’m generally happy with it but not flat-out thrilled. Would appreciate Doper song suggestions in the same vein to round it out, possibly make it better. (I realize my tastes may run a little pedestrian for many of ya.) :slight_smile:

April Come She Will- Simon and Garfunkel
America- " "
Rocky Mountain High- John Denver
Blossom- James Taylor
Two of Us- Beatles
Mansion on the Hill- Bruce Springsteen
Requiem- Jethro Tull
Lookin for Love on Broadway- James Taylor
King’s Highway (live)- Tom Petty
See the Changes- Crosby Stills and Nash
Vincent- Don McLean
Bell, Book and Candle- Eddi Reader
Pacing the Cage- Bruce Cockburn
John Barleycorn- Traffic
Avalon- Blackmore’s Night
Skating Away (on the Thin Ice of a New Day)- Jethro Tull
Song for Winter’s Night- Gordon Lightfoot
Girl- T. Rex

Alexandra Leaving - Leonard Cohen
Hallelujah - "

Father & Son - Cat Stevens

When I Was a Boy - Dar Williams

Circle Games by Joni Mitchell
So Far Away by Carole King
Robin by Carly Simon

From Red=Luck by Patty Larkin

In your Painting
St. Augustine

Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore, That’s The Way, Tangerine, Gallows Pole

[motioning with an upraised arm] “Ooh, ooh, pick me, I know the answer!” [/mwaua]

Nuada (2002) by the British pop/folk band Candidate. Awesomely good LP, and glowing music reviews are on that site. Song snippet downloads are there, too. My favorite album from that year.

I believe you’ll find this album of particular interest (beginning with the cover artwork in the link), given your appreciation of certain cult horror movies – one of which provided the thematic inspiration for this album!

FWIW, Candidate has a new album just out that I’ll be getting as soon as I can afford to get it, with a less-folky, more electrified sound. Reviews so far have been positive, but not as superlative in their praise as for Nuada.

You can’t go wrong with Nick Drake.

Dang, we are suggesting particular songs, eh? Um…Pink Moon is one that lotsa people know…anything off that album would work.

Poems, Prayers, and Promises and *Looking for Space * John Denver

any of a group of songs by Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton on the Albums Trio and Trio II… especially their cover of After the Goldrush

check out some Nickel Creek too

Not gonna give you song titles, because I don’t have time, but some bands/artists in this vein:

Alison Krauss
Kenny Loggins
Indigo Girls
Norah Jones
Sarah MacLaughlin
The Corries
Mary Black
Rufus Wainwright
Peter, Paul and Mary
Joshua Kadison

Ooh, almost forgot - you mentioned Jethro Tull: they have an album called Songs From The Wood you may like a lot. One song on there that would fit on your CD very well is Fires At Midnight.

This somewhat straddles the line between a poll and asking advice, but given the subject matter it is probably better suited to Cafe Society.
I’ll move it on over for you.

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Patti Smith “Come Back Little Sheba” from her “Land” compilation. Seriously.

Thanks very much for the great suggestions, folks. I’m going to check out samples of as much of these titles today as I can.

LifeOnWry- Am indeed familiar with the mighty fine Songs from the Wood, and I did consider “Fires at Midnight” for this mix (!) Much as I love that and the other songs, though, there’s something about them that cries out to be kept as a piece- Ian Anderson’s songs can be so distinctive. A highly subjective ruling on my part, I’m sure.