More Tales of Weirdness From the Field

Okay, in a thread that I can’t find, we decided that my next door neighbors were aliens. Apparently, the whole area is turning into a confluence of galactic weirdness, or perhaps folks are just preparing for the pending alien invasion that my neighbors are the advanced scouts for, I’m not sure which.

My place of employment is located on a two lane road that until a couple of years ago was little more than pasture. On the left hand side, there’s lots of industries, a Dell plant, a metals company, the place where I work, and several other warehouse looking buildings. There’s also construction of another warehouse and some other buildings as well. On the right side of the road, other than a gas station and a Sonic, there’s nothing much there. Some fields and a delict house, except in one spot.

Construction has just finished on what appears to be either a pylon for a bridge, or an above-ground bunker (with the only access to the inside being located on the top). It can’t be a bridge pylon as there’s nowhere for the bridge to go, as on the opposite side of the road (nearly at the street) is a manufacturing plant of some kind. I can’t think of any logical thing for it to be.

Then, today, as I was headed out of town to go see a friend of mine who lives in Nashville, when at a light, I spotted the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It was a late 80s model Chevy pick-up with an elaborate shrine (like one would see in a Latin-American country) in the bed of the truck. Now, whoever owned the truck wasn’t hauling the shrine someplace. It was permanently mounted in the truck. I know this because the bright color scheme of the shrine carried over on to the sides of the truck. I’m not sure who or what was being memorialized by the shrine as I didn’t get a good enough look at the parts of the thing that had writing on them, but I’d almost swear that the thing was a memorial to 9/11. Very bizarre.

Creepy. Perhaps it was just an art car. I have seen a car here that is a shrine to cheap, nasty ass beer by what I can gather. It is completely covered with Michelob (blech) and Pabst Blue Ribon (double blech) bottle caps. It may have been put in as a design at one time but so many of them have fallen off leaving a big gob of some form of glue in its place.

Then there was the Barbie with Bugs car that was in the last town I was in. It was adorned much like the previous car’s bottle caps but the objects were attached to the car much better. It was a bunch of Barbie (real Barbie not the imitation ones) heads covering the car with no other Barbie parts until the hood ornament which was the barbie torso (from the neck down) sticking up naked with the legs in the air. Then there were giant plastic bugs roughly 4-6 inches long and 2-3 inches high depending on what they were randomly spattered around the car. It looked like all these bugs were feasting on Barbie’s heads. It was pretty funny.

Then there was the tacky car. It was basically a low rider mobile, complete with 6 inch chain steering wheel and extension shocks. It was painted center stripe yellow with flourescent orange and green fire on the side.

Come to think of it, these people are probably aliens afterall.

We come in peace. Take us to the Sonic!

They are now, burying the bunker-like object. Curiouser and curiouser.

How big is it? Could it be a spetic tank, or a fuel storage tank, or something like that?

My guess is that it’s a Sarlaac nursery.

Or a really bad attempt at a secret laboratory.

It’s not a pylon, it’s a ventilation shaft. Beneath you is a large (formerly very) secret complex where the bad guys are preparing to take over the world. You know, the sort of place SPECTRE always builds in James Bond movies so 007 can blow it up at the end. Somewhere near you is a road that disapears into the ground behind a chain link fence protected by armed guards in strange, pseudo military uniforms. I’ve seen it in the movies so it must be true.

The shrine is to distract people from the bad guys plans. The driver is employed to wander around, drawing attention to the truck and not the secret complex. Your drawing it to our attention indicates that it has clearly served its purpose.

My sources indicate that it is not an alien invasion. :wink:

Definately not a septic tank, as this area is too heavily industrialized for such a thing to be necessary. Also not a fuel storage tank as those are cylindrical and this is a rectangular box-like structure that was poured in place. And there’s no logical reason for them to place either object at the edge of a field, so close to the road. The object’s roughly 12’X24’X12’, possibly larger as there’s I can really use to guess the scale of the thing with.

Make that “there’s nothing I can really use to guess the scale with.”