More Thailand Arkansas news.

He was arrested in Bangkok. I wonder if Thai bar girls were involved.
Here is the link.

You never know. One of my favorite Thai-Girl-Done-Me-Wrong Tales of Woe was a Danish bank robber who fled to Thailand with his loot 20 years ago. He fell in love with a bargirl, gave her the money for safekeeping, and she promptly disappeared, WITH the money of course! :smiley:

Now broke, he could not afford to move on, and Interpol finally caught up with him here. As far as I know, the money was never found, nor the girl.

But your story says the perp was arrested in Thailand. Might not have been Bangkok. Criminals seem to prefer Pattaya. Really.

A local news story said it was Bangkok. Which is a descriptive name for the town given your stories posted here, but I digress.

You mentioned that you are from my fair and noble state. And I’ve never seen you and Mr. Thompson together at the same time…

No, I am not from there. My mother was. I was raised in West Texas but born in another state altogether, although we did live in Fort Smith from when I was 2 years old to almost 6.

So this gun running, drug dealing, concrete stealing, Bangkok living guy is merely a relative of yours?

I’d rather not say. :smiley:

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition number 214:
“A bar girl is not a Swiss bank.”

Ferengi is Malay. In Thailand, we’re farang. :wink:

My lips are sealed.

Ferengi is Star Trek.

Such aphorisms as:

Sell a man a fish and you feed him for one day.
Teach a man to fish, you lose a steady customer.

Star Trek speaks Malay?? :confused: