'More Treasures From American Film Archives'- Anyone Interested?

In 2000, the National Film Preservation Foundation released Treasures From American Film Archives, a box set of (mostly short) rare films.

Now, the NFPF is releasing a follow-up set, More Treasures From American Film Archives.

A content list may be found at this site.

So, is anyone interested?

No comments? Certainly at least Eve should be interested- it has the bit with the duck she’s mentioned on this board on several occasions!

I have mine already ordered. Great stuff (this set’s mostly the silent era, IIRC)–I still haven’t worked my way through the first NFPF set, but I got a sneak-preview of some of the films here, and the presentation is excellent (there are even commentaries from some of my archive colleagues on a selection of the films).

It’s easy to say this or that set if a “Must Have”, but I would say anyone who genuniely loves film and cares about its future would be obliged to buy this set.

I never did buy the first set, but I watched most of the contents when TCM aired it a few years back.

Yes; I tried to watch as much as possible. I hope the do the same with this set; I can’t afford to buy it.