More weird recommendations

Go to your recommendations page and tell us the oddest link between products you find.

Mine right now:
Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners

because I bought:
ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 9 Running Shoe

The last thing I ordered was holiday CDs. Among my current recommendations is . . .

Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith: Change your voice with 10 different voice modifiers - Kids Toy (Colors May Vary)

None of my recommendations seem weird to me. But they did recommend a book that looks interesting!

Apparently running shoes indicates I need things associated with children. Due to the above purchase of running shoes today they recommend:

Bandette Cup and Bottle Labels

It really gets fun when you order something intended as a gift. I ordered a copy of a Stephen King book for my mother-in-law some years ago and wound up with some recommendations that weren’t really my taste.

Amazon also forgets that kids grow up. I still get recommendations for toys and stuff for toddlers because I used to buy toddler toys for the sprog. I guess they haven’t figured out how to adjust recommendations for age.

I enjoy YA literature, and I’ve rated quite a few YA books. Amazon thinks that I must want Barbies and Disney Princesses, too. And because I like science fiction and fantasy, Amazon was pushing Robert Jordan and Anne Rice on me, despite the fact that I’d always give such items a solitary star. I never sought out these things, but if Amazon is gonna recommend them to me, I’m gonna rate them honestly.

Right now, my first two recommendations pages actually contain things that I might want. I probably DON’T want another Florence Nightingale bio right now, but I might in the future, after I read the one I received recently. And I’m pretty sure that I don’t want the couple of books on Victorian social conditions right now, but maybe in the future.

Today they recommended that I buy a bread knife - because I recently bought a pillow.

They could as easily just show me random stuff and have as good a hit rate.

They recommended this folding shovelbecause I ordered snack bars.

It’s true, the bars were terrible. Maybe they thought I’d like to bury them.

I last ordered Christmas gifts from Amazon. My recommendations include Dill Pickle flavored lip balm, a Magic 8 Ball, a board game called “Therapy,” and Mister Bacon and Monsieur Tofu action figures…

There’s probably something else in your cookie jar that you haven’t told us about.

Mommy’s Helper Safer Grip Foot Rest

because I ordered

Microsoft Arc Mouse - Red

Check the category your first purchase was in:
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #2,695 in Grocery & Gourmet Food

That’s certainly a miscategorization right there.

As an aside:
I sell used books & DVDs on Amazon for a living.
The day I started listing used books & DVDs I bought for resale on there was the final day I got nifty, cool suggestions. I have to look up comps for dozens of books each day, and now Amazon seems to think I’ve got 1,001 hobbies I never had before.

I should enjoy a heavy-weight sketch pad, because I wanted a DVD player.

And a Marine Corps Dress Uniform Officer NCO Sword because I bought “The Claw” Electronic Candy Grabber Machine Arcade Game as a Christmas gift :confused:

The first weird thing that pops up is Zippo [del]Lighter fluid[/del]butane fuel because I bought a USB hard drive enclosure. The next is a book called Heartburn, which is about the breakup of the perfect marriage, and thus seems odd to be connected to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (I might understand if it were linked to the fourth book, but not the first, unless the description is inaccurate.) Anything else that was weird I probably ruined when I started labeling things I already owned.

I am impressed that it figured out that I would like Pratchet and FForde, though. I guess they link to Hitchhiker.

GUESS Women’s Aero4 Slingback Pump

because I bought

Haggar Mens Pin Stripe Pleat Front Suit Up Pant

I guess because every pair of men’s suit pants need matching pumps?

I ordered fragrance-free bubble bath and it recommended a Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator.


Nothing too weird, just a book called The Inch High Samurai.

I should have mentioned my last few purchases were for various sex toys, so I guess there’s the funny part.

Today they recommended toilet paper because I recently bought a flash drive.

As I said - they could just as easily be showing me random things and it would be as relevant.

Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil
because I added
Prepac Monterey Cherry Queen Platform Storage Bed
to my wishlist