More whining about high school: This has not been my year.

Does your school have any clubs or societies that interest you? If so, then join them, You’ll make some new friends and have the added bonus of already having something in common with them.

Hang in there, TMWTGG. Like everyone says, high school often sucks and that High School Mantra is worth its weight in gold.

I have a high school friend who has been collecting the email addresses of everyone from our class he can. He uses it to send out photos of himself and his family, mostly. It has put me back in touch with one of the three people from high school I wanted to get back in touch with but haven’t found (and haven’t really tried to find, also, I have to admit, it not being that important on the scheme of things), but that was a one-round “hi, how’s your life been” kind of correspondence, quickly over.

Mostly, high school is to be endured. Keep up with the great writing – add me to the list of people who think you do a great job! – and try to find some other “outcasts” to be friends with, and hopefully things will at least pass smoothly. And oh yes, good luck getting the meds straightened out!!

I agree that High School can be a terrible experience. I also think that other factors, besides students have a large impact upon schools: the size of the school and the teachers’ and administrators’ tolerance of social idiocy also influence a school. (I teach at a school of 100 kids, 7-12 grade where this behavior is dealt with swiftly and not tolerated.)

Many folks have said that you should look forward to the future. While I think that idea does have plenty of merit to it, I think there is another opportunity. Fuck with the system.

I don’t know what the Gifted Student funding is like in uhh… 3 1/2. You need to demand more from your school and look into being classified as gifted. Several things could happen:

Absolute best-case scenario: Your school is deemed “Unable to accommodate your needs as gifted” and therefore has to pay to send you to private school. (unlikely)

Another good scenario: Your school can accommodate you by allowing you to take another class during lunch. This also may allow you to earn extra credits. Depending on the structure of your school, you may be able to graduate early. (Look into taking extra classes at a college for HS credits to do this as well.)

Worst-case scenario: More of the same that is happening now. Maybe a few administrators will walk on eggshells around you.

Also see if any colleges you like have an Early Acceptance program. That means you can go to college before finishing High School. Colleges normally have to think you are a stellar student to do this.

In the meantime, see if a teacher will let you have lunch with them.