More whining about high school: This has not been my year.

It’s awkward typing a sad post while listening to the Benny Hill Yakety Sax theme.

In any case, since this school year, my junior year started on August 27, the following has happened:

The death of a long friendship. I was friends with B for a long time, through Hell and Heaven, thick and thin. In the course of a week, we go from best buddies to hardly knowing each other. All because he prefers his band friends over someone who was more loyal to him than he ever knew (He screwed me over even when I stuck with him. I could go on for hours over it, though I prefer not to). In some ways a good thing, since I’m not dependant on him anymore. Still doesn’t help that this means I have no friends whatsoever at my school.

Dropping of AP US History. I was using some technique called affirmations to pass the first test. It’s where you write “I, TMWTGG, will get/do/accomplish whatever”. Not only did I flunk the test, but I end up dropping AP US History due to the immense workload.

The wonderful experience of a suicidal depression brought to me by a drug prescribed to me for anger issues. Turns out, it’s for epilepsy. I AM NOT A FUCKING EPILEPTIC! I HAVE ANGER ISSUES! EPILEPSY MEDICINES GO TO PEOPLE WITH EPILEPSY, NOT ANGRY PEOPLE YOU COCKWAFFLES!!! RARRR ME SO FUCKING MAD!!! ROARRRRR!! It was not a fun experience, trying to stop myself from swerving into the oncoming traffic lane and smashing head-on into a dump truck while driving to and from school.

Constant harrassment from a bunch of idiots. So after B and his band geek friends excommunicated me from his table at lunch, I end up sitting with some soccer players. They are nice at first, but it becomes apparent that they are immature morons. Also, they start harrassing me in the halls. I finally stop eating with them, and go for some preps. The preps are nice, except for one weirdo, who I got to stop being weird by sitting somewhere else one day. If I ran the school, I would give kids the option of not having a lunch break, instead having 8 classes a day. Then again, if I ran the school I would expel everyone except me and a few people I can stand.

The class from Hell. I am currently in Spanish II. It is incredibly hard. I hate it, and look forward to when it ends and it’s time for Study Hall. It’s weird, because my teacher kicks ass, but the students are all complete morons. The combined IQ of the class excluding me is around the same as the average temperature in the room.

About a half-dozen sick days due to stomach illnesses. Including a bad cold. That’s all I fucking needed.

All that in just 44 days. And to think it’s only October.

groan It’s going to be a long year.

Niot to make light of your other problems, which are considerable (some of which, not all, will end with the hell that is high school). But . . . They play Yakety Sax in your Spanish II class?

Oh, now, I’m not actually in Spanish right this very second. It’s just a class I have. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

For whatever it’s worth, you’re a good writer. And I’m very, very picky.

Ah. Sorry. Well, for what it’s worth, you have every reason to be depressed and pissed-off.

That sucks. I’m sorry to hear about the rough time you’ve been having.

Stoners are always fun to have lunch with. Very friendly bunch.


Also, your “friend” that excommunicated you from the lunch table? Sounds like a moron. You didn’t lose much, IMHO.

Good luck to you. Try and stay positive.

Anyone that tells you “These are the best years of your life” is a big stinkin’ liar.
Good luck guy and hang in there.

Just say the holiest of High School mantras Man and you’ll be fine:

In college none of this will matter

The highschool stuff is nothing to sweat, just keep plugging away and you’ll do fine.

However, getting incorrect medication that causes you to have suicidal tendencies REALLY sucks. Hope you get that problem sorted out, we don’t want you using your golden gun on yourself now do we?


In all fairness, I believe that there is at least one epilepsy drug that is prescribed “off-label” for depression - your doctor may have some idea what he’s doing.

That said, if it doesn’t work, change it! And if you’re getting your prescriptions from a GP, consider asking for a referral to a psychiatrist.

In my experience, affirmations are great for sports and other physical achievements, but work less well for things like exams.

High school sucks. No question about it. But it really, honestly does get better. Hang in there.

God, HS was the worst period of my life, hands down. And I’ve been through a shit-load of trouble.

I’m sorry you have to deal with asshats. You’ll be better off for it, though I promise. It sounds like you already are better off for it.

BTW, I think you’re a great writer too.

Another vote for “really good writer” here. You have talent, maybe that venue will give you something to pursue and focus on.

And yeah, high school is, apparently, just there to make certain anyone that’s not ALL THAT, has the necessary skills to survive anything. Just find time for yourself. Repeat the mantra mentioned above. Then ultimately, know that all the good stuff will start in less than a year.

Good luck and hang in there. Someday, you’ll look back on these people and realize how lucky you were to be the better person already.

How does this work, BTW? I mean, do they physically stop you from sitting down? If you’ve decided to sit there, how can they stop you?

Well, I can’t imagine it’d be too much fun to sit at a table where you’re obviously not wanted.

I think “excommunicated” was a descriptive term.

And let me just say, I graduated high school almost 8 years ago, and I couldn’t even tell you the names of half the people I hung out with.

Live for college man, live for college…

Man how terrible, sounds like exactly what i went through senior year so I know what you are going through totally.

2 of my friends started hanging out with some popular people and started ignoring me and only hanging out with me when the other friends were unavailable. And the other friends went home early everyday. So i had pretty much no friends senior year. I would go sit in my car and listen to the radio during lunch. Then again I never went to school much either. Very depressing.

But once I graduated, man did life change. The world was open to me, I got involved in stuff I was interested, met REAL people and made REAL friends. This was during my year-off after high school.

But the only advice I can give you is maybe try to get into some kind of social thing outside of school. Because those real true people are far and few between in high school.

Oh yea, and the stoners are always fun to hang out with too…

“Cockwaffles.” snicker :smiley:

I’m guessing you can’t go off campus for lunch? Is there at least somewhere outside you can sit and eat?

So what do you like to do? Is it possible to find (or even start) a club where you’d enjoy the company of like-minded people?

Shit, I can’t even remember where I went to high school. Believe me, TMWTGG, it’ll all fade into insigificance. As for the Judas B, fuck him. Find another buddy. As for “I am currently in Spanish II”, I can only express my deep sympathies. Hang tight. Before you know it, it’ll be over and you’ll have the immense pleasure of turning down the invitation to the shitty “20 years since graduation bash” the school dweeb dreams up in 2025.

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This too shall pass.

Some people never seem to outgrow high school. They keep the same lifelong buddies and never shut up about those “golden years”.

For the rest of us, it was a couple of difficult years before real life began and we never looked back.

Which do you want to be?

I will second that. I went to crap in high school. It was terrible, but I’m having the time of my life now (second year college). You’ll find out getting rid of that ‘friend’ now was the best thing that could happen to you :wink:

My year’s going good. More or less.

What do I have going on right now? Lessee… I’ve been injured with a lot of ankle pain for the past five weeks. I finally saw a real Orthopedist yesterday -:small rant about how much I did not feel wanted while waiting at the office:- and it turns out I have Achilles Tendonitis. Gotta go to therapy 3 times a week for next four weeks. But at least I’ve started to run again.

Dropped a class that I loved dearly. I still miss it.

Dropped my AP History class too. Spent 3 days in an Honors history class, begged to go back to AP. I did. I thought about writing a Pit thread about how shocked I was to see the state of education these days… but never got around to it.

Homecoming is today. Instead of going to the dance, I’m going to the local family fun center with a bunch of my friends in this club I’m in.

Funny you should mention that, I just got to do that today. The very small number of people I could give a toss about from my high school I am still friends with. As for the rest, after 20 years… I can finally say that I view them with immense indifference.
Jr. High is a really stupid time. A lot of people are still mentally/emotionally in elementary school. Pretty much everyone is going through changes (perhaps your former friend “B”) that are transforming them into whatever kind of adult they will be (for better or worse). Most people don’t really start getting their shit together until Sr. High or College or, in some cases, never. Look forward to your life after high school when you won’t have to deal with quite so many jerks day in and day out.
Keep up with the writing, and just try to do the stuff that makes you happy. No doubt some like minded people will gravitate to you eventually.

Good Luck