More Young Lads Bucking For A Darwin Award. This Time With Hippos! WHEE! Newslink

Yes sonny. You may crawl into the cages with the Hippos!

Throw rocks at the 2-ton mankillers? Why the Hell not? :smack:

Frankly, I wouldn’t be suprised if the girl becomes a Lesbian, if only to raise the IQ of her companions.

Lesbians have higher IQs than heterosexual females? :dubious:

“Companions”. As in “not boys”…oh, go play with the Hippos, Pinky.

That’s “Pygmy”.

People tend to think that hippos are cute. Disney had them dancing in tutus, and that’s pretty much the image many people have. The look so soft and fat.

But they are mean.

Because I’ve always found the quickest way to get into my pants is to try to anger a large and potentially dangerous mammal. Yup, nothing gets me hotter!

These boys apparently failed to understand that when she said, “yeah, you two climb in the cage and taunt some wild animals - that’ll improve future human breeding” she wasn’t referring to their future breeding.

“Harassing hippos” and “impressing girls” are generally not synonyms, as far as I’m aware. Good work, boys.

I kicked a bear skin rug once, can I see your boobies?


Good thing you told me now; I was just about to try shooting the President of the USA. But I guess Jodie Foster’s kinks aren’t yours.

My first SDMB come ons! And they were every bit as twisted as I hoped they’d be.

This kind of describes me, too! Very dangerous over short distances!

Just watch out for the wiggling ear. I have this on the very good authority of Disneyland Jungle Cruise Boat Ride tour guides.

Stick me in a tutu and make me dance, and I become pretty darn mean as well.

And hippo like.

According to this, the first Pharaoh of Egypt was killed by a hippo.

If The Rock’s* kid can’t stand up to a hippo, then three idiot boys…wait, I guess that’s why they’re idiots.

*Scorpion King, legendary father of the first Pharaoh.

I’d guess those teenagers from Missouri were unfamiliar with this Staff Report from 2000.

No that’s Pinky, as in Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky? :smiley:

Yes Brain, but how will we get the hippos to wear motorcycle boots and opera gloves?

Apparently you can go blind if you spend too much time Harassing the old Hippo… if you know what I mean.

Just a note (not that anyone cares): In the years since that report was written, the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque actually did get a couple hippos after a major renovation to make a new, all-Africa area. And you can get really quite close to them. Freaking things scared the heck out of me.