Morgan Woodward - after 250 movies, dies at 93

Many people may not know the name but they’ll never forget the Man With No Eyes, in Cool Hand Luke. Few character actors made such an impression with just a menacing look. He’s taking aim at Luke in this one.

Woodward made a long career playing intimidating characters.

He played deranged characters in Star Trek. Capt Tracy in The Omega Glory. Dr Van Gelder, Dagger of the Mind.
I enjoyed his work and it was always interesting to see how he was used in movie and tv roles.

A retrospective of his roles.


I’m Going to Cut the Meat off Your Bones

Morgan at his deranged and menacing best. :wink:
This was a tv role. :eek:

Obligatory IMDb link.

Two episodes of ST:TOS playing different characters.

Condolences to Andy Renko.

Morgan discusses getting cast for Cool Hand Luke. Seems like a nice guy, in real life.

I wish The Television Academy would have done a full 2 hour interview of Morgan’s life. They’ve saved a lot of important memories of the early days of tv.

Short, 4 min interview. Casting Cool Hand Luke
- YouTube

250 movies, and yet his death announcement said “Star Trek Actor Dies”. Is that really what he’s best known for?

How about Cool Hand Luke Actor Dies?

He was also “Punk” Anderson on Dallas.

RIP. :frowning:

He was 93. Which means he was in his early forties during the Trek episode shoots. Looked a lot older.

His brother was a notable weatherman in my hometown so I always had a special place in my heart for him.