Harry Morgan dead at 96

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A fine actor, whose career spanned decades. I liked him most as Joe Friday’s partner, Bill Gannon, but he is probably best remembered for Col. Potter on MAS*H. I last saw him in 3rd Rock From the Sun and was amazed he was still going.

A fine man as well as a good actor. Besides his usual credits, I recall spotting him in “High Noon” with a wife named “Mildred”, the same wife he apparently had in Korea:-)

RIP Mr. Morgan, you are remembered fondly.

Colonel Potter was a great character – my favorite one on MAS*H. He will be missed.

Horse Hockey! Col. Potter can’t die! :frowning:

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen.

Anybody Pierce and Hunnicut would salute gets one from me.

Godspeed, Mr. Morgan.

Buffalo biscuits! I was expecting this. Just thinking about him the other day.

Just loved him in MASH.


Life does imitate art. I can still remember the great scenes between the Colonial and Charles on MASH. :wink:

Morgan was one heck of a great actor. He’ll be missed.

According to the link posted by Annie-Xmas:

Evidence of his versatility.

RIP, Mr. Morgan.

He looked about 12 in that movie!

Morgan was like a pair of comfortable old slippers. Whenever he appeared in a scene it was like sitting down on a Sunday morning with the crossword puzzle. One of the greats among character and supporting actors.

This is a very sad day. I loved Harry Morgan in Dragnet, and even more in MASH. He was an incredible actor.

ETA: Chefguy, well said.

I’m old enough to remember him from “Pete and Gladys”, although I was just a kid.

First Dobie Gray now Harry Morgan. One of those days. Sheese.

I told my wife this news and she said “The guy who played Dexters dad died?”

He’ll always be Harry Potter to me.

My favorite MAS*H episode is the “Tontine”. He puts a tear in my eye every time he pays respect to his WWI buddies.

And I want to taste that Brandy!

He acted as Henry then Henry Harry and lastly Harry, there was a performer Henry he didn’t want to be confused with.

He hosted a radio show Mystery in the Air (late 40s) which starred Peter Lorre, he also had an occasional role. It was very interesting having Harry do very straight announcing compared to Lorre’s usual voice.

He was in a number of movies in the 40s to the 70s.

Was Pete Porter on tv in the 50s with December Bride and the 60s with Pete and Gladys.

a fine excellent actor.

He was nominated for an Emmy as a completely different character on M.A.S.H. long before he joined the cast - Major General Bartford Hamilton Steele. His performance of Mississippi Mud will never be forgotten.

“But first . . . a number.”