Mormon dopers or scholars

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Quick question, easy answer, I hope.

My SO was raised in the LDS faith, and remembers a book his mother read at least fifteen years ago. Seems to him to be either a debunking of the faith or an expose of some of its scandals (?). He has since left the church, and is intensely curious about this book. His mom is still active, so she’s kinda not being helpful.
Some info he remembers:

Slender book, written 20 or so years ago, concerned practices that occurred inside the Temple. Might have been published on a religious or private press. Written by someone who had been excommunicated. Tried Amazon, it was no help.

Not interested in a discussion, just if anyone may remember this book.

Many thanks.

Secret Ceremonies?

I remember reading “Secret Ceremonies,” a book written about the time you indicate. I read it based on a recommendation by an ex-Mormon friend whose sister is gay. As you can imagine, many family problems ensued. I looked it up on amazon and found kind of a convoluted path. Try this:

When 9/11 came around, the parents regretted shunning their daughter and made overtures to welcome her back into the family. As time goes on, they’ve abandoned her once again.

It also may have been “The God Makers”

There are quite a few books out there written by ex-Mormons, anti-Mormons, etc. which attempt to expose or debunk or disprove or whatever the Mormon faith. Without trying to get into GD territory here in GQ, let me just say that anything written by someone with an axe to grind should be taken for what it’s worth.

I’ve read some of these books and I’m amazed at the distortions, bending of the truth and outright lies they manage to come up with. Anyone who has even a casual acquaintance with LDS doctrine and teachings would see right through them.

A lot of these books are written by people who lived and believed the mormon doctrine so they DO know what they are talking about.
Sortof like whistle blowers.

Thanks for the replies. My SO isn’t interested in slamming the LDS faith. All he wants to do is find a book his mom had read when he was younger.

I thought that some Mormon dopers might be able to point us in the right direction.

Again, thanks.

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There have been some pretty furious GD’s about related LDS topics. I have a recollection of such a book or books being mentioned and their veracity debated at length. I certainly participated so (sorry to be lazy and not do it myself) but if you do a search on mormon and princhester, you’ll find the threads. Then all you need to do is wade through about ten pages… :slight_smile: