"Mormon Tabernacle Choir" is History

There’s a new name for the historic choir. It’s now "“The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square”.

See more on the rationale for the name change in the link.

No need to see the link–it is because the nut currently heading the Mormon Church claims that God told him that nobody should say “Mormon” anymore.

A little pitesque for MPSIMS, aren’t you?

Huh? Isn’t that exactly what happened? An accusation of being too GQesque might be more apt.
ETA - I missed the “nut” part, okay.

Misleading thread title, though.

I’m referring to the other poster’s terminology.

The thread title is not misleading. I put the title of the choir in quotes for an obvious reason. And I’m done with responding to the other poster in this thread.

Come on. If you were actually interested in clearly communicating what happened in your thread title, you’d say it has changed its name, or its name is history. Just adding quotes does not convey that at all clearly, and makes it into misleading clickbait that the choir itself has gone.

Dumb. And I’m sure will be reverted when the president of the church dies, which could be any minute now.


Refrain from any potshots at the religion or it’s leaders in this thread.

No warning issued

So I’m guessing you haven’t seen this thread?
Since Loach hasn’t moderated that one, I suppose that we can continue our potshots at the religion and its leaders there.

“Oceania was at war with Eastasia: Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”


Damn you for getting my hopes up, Monty.

What can I say? I don’t like their music. To be fair, I don’t like any choral music - something about the individual voices getting subsumed and buried by the whole seems very one of us, one of us to me.

As I said in the other thread about the name change, the last time this exact same revelation was received, it lasted a mere nice years before God changed His mind and not only permitted the Mormon name again, but started an active PR campaign to push it.

It’s a pointless change. The name is too well established to expect that others will follow this whim, especially since we just went through the same thing just a couple of years back.

It was hard on my true-believing mother to have to completely change her speech to eliminate a word that had essentially defined our family for over 150 years, then to be allowed to use it again, only to have it taken away again.

She’s 83 with heart problems. Let her live out the rest of her years listening to the Mormon tabernacle choir.