What happened to the Ask the Mormon Thread?

First off, the usual disclaimers. If this is in the wrong forum, then I apologize. And if someone has started a thread concerning this subject, then kindly link me to it.

That said, what happened to the “Ask The (returned) Morman” thread that was in GD? I was reading it last night and went to refresh it this morning to see if the OP answered any of the questions, when I got an access denied page. I assume that means it was moved to a mod/admin forum.

I can only speculate that after I left, the thread got heated and broke some rules of GD, but if at all possible I would like to know for sure why it was moved. I was finding it to be a pretty interesting read.

Just a guess, but as the person who started the thread was banned, and because, at the beginning of the thread he said “I used to be on under the name X, but since the boards went membership, I set up this name.”, I’m assuming he was banned for sock puppetry, and consequently, threads he established were removed.

If you read the title of this thread like I did, I would know why…

It wasn’t Monty coming back to us, was it?

No. First of all, he didn’t have Monty’s temperment. Second of all, it was Eran of Arcadia who said his previous username was Eran. Banning seems appropriate, and I expect the admins sent him an email telling him to hand over some cash if he wants to post in the future.

Deleting the thread seems a bit much though.

Thread removal for socks is pretty standard operating policy.

Ah, Ok, thanks for the responses, that would seem to explain it.

Perhaps it’s SOP, but this one seemed like it was out of ignorance rather than malice. I’d double-check the OP but I can’t.

In this case, I would have preferred a lighter touch. That thread was interesting and offered insights from an unfamiliar point of view.

IIRC, Eran said that he hadn’t been to the board since 2002, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to allow him a guest trial to check it out again before paying. And it’s frustrating to everyone else to have an informative thread just vanish from GD. (Particularly since it was one of the few that wasn’t about feeding tubes!)

Third of all, emarkp’s continued jerkish comments towards me–uncalled for here–have nothing to do with the facts of the case.

Fourth of all, I haven’t served a mission,

Fifth of all, I’m an honest person and don’t resort to sock puppetry.

Sixth of all, I’m going back to my puppetry and won’t respond further to emarkp’s crap.

Obviously, I meant to say:

Too funny.
Irony so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Did Monty previously have a different name? Or have I just missed all of his 8000+ posts ?

Wow, Monty, are you back? Or did you just drop in to contribute to this thread?

neuroman: you must have missed his posts. If i remember correctly, Monty decided not to continue after the SDMB made the move to paid subscriptions. I always wished he would habng around, even though we certainly didn’t agree on everything.

Anyhow, if he’s back, maybe he can tell you himself.

Although i see that he’s moved. IIRC, his location used to be Davis, California.

Anyway, if you are back Monty, welcome back!

Bye bye! Enjoy your sabbatical!

“jerkish” ???

I’m not seeing ‘Jerkish’ with the comment “first of all, he didn’t have Monty’s temperment”

Perhaps the two posters have a history - but to call the simple statement above “jerkish” would, IMHO, stretch the definition of “jerkish” beyond any reasonable one I’ve seen.

He’d already had his free trial membership. FIRST TIME guests get a trial period…people who have posted before don’t. This is laid out in detail in ATMB.

For the Straight Dope

To complete the hijack, Monty’s temperment is that he tends to lose his temper easily (as demonstrated).

We also contacted Eran first and told him to talk to an admin about his membership. He did not, so we removed his posting privs. If he wants to become a charter member he is free to do so.