Morning Edition is possessed!

I generally don’t care for commericial radio, so while I work, I steam shows from NPR’s website. I usually listen to the previous evening’s All Things Considered, followed by that morning’s Morning Edition and then Fresh Air. Mondays, I catch up with Weekend Edition, then ATC, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me if I missed it on Saturday. In short, I’m just now listening to this morning’s Morning Edition. Sometimes, the stream gets a little scrambled on it’s way over, and it sounds like Renee Montagne has a stutter. It’s awfully cute, her stutter. Anyway, I was just listening to this story, and both Renee and the governor of Louisiana were stuttering a lot, then suddenly, the audio gets totally scrambled, and over bits of conversation that sound like they’re being played backwards, I hear a slow, deep voice that sounds like a record being played at not more than 12 RPM. I can’t quite make out what it’s saying, but I’m sure it’s instructions from some divine being. It sure sounds like the voice of Og. But what if I’m wrong, and it’s the devil in the disguise of Og? Either way, does it matter that I can’t understand the instructions, or are they already implanted in my subconcious? Pray for me, Dopers.

Don’t worry. That message wasn’t meant for you. Those of us that it was directed at now know what we are supposed to do.

It’s that new board-op at NPR HQ. Some of the audience of the NPR affiliate station where I work call up to complain about what boneheads we are, but it’s not us, it’s them. In theory, you’re supposed to be an ace operator before you get to push any buttons for ME or ATC, but apparently somebody isn’t paying much attention to that ideal.

Don’t worry, it’s a perfectly ordinary
… Eagle, Eagle, Eagle

and really shouldn’t cause you any concern at all.