Moronic Work Place

I am a security guard. The placed I work is basically a booth about the same size as a typical bedroom. Recently the people in charge have taken away the remote for the air conditioner. It’s not just the fact that I am freezing every time I go to work. (I must be cold blooded no one else has complained.) It’s the fact that these people treat me like a child. They claim it’s because somebody had the temperature set to low. Punishing everyone just because one person did something wrong is absurd. I wish these people knew how ridiculous they look by doing this.
BTW I’d write them a letter or report them to OSHA but this isn’t worth getting fired over.

Bet you could find a remote for that air conditioner on e-bay.

or buy a sweater.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind covering up the uniform with a sweater.

Thermal underwear, with the required number of pieces of flair.

Security guard as in armed? Just curious.

Sure you’re just curious, you weren’t even hinting at the fact that shooting the AC would be a solution.

Oh you weren’t? Well maybe it’s just me then :smiley:

Let me guess-cheap ass nylon blend uniform that doesn’t breath worth shit?

Dude, I worked in Security for four years. It’s a corrupt industry run by assholes who are incapable of doing any other job.

Of course they treat you like a child. Most of your co-workers are child-like.

Punishment is always Collective. One person does something bad and instead of addressing it with that person (and being made to feel bad for doing it even though again, the boss is likely a huge asshole and knows it), everyone is made to suffer.

Hell, we had a client boss come out and confiscated the coffee pot from the truck gate because someone spilled coffee and didn’t clean it up. We got it back immediately by making it clear that since it was a 24/7 operation and the middle of the night people had little to do, they’d better fucking allow us to have coffee unless they wanted everyone to be fired for sleeping on the job.

There are four kinds of people who do Security work;
1> Students who are doing it to make money while they go to school.
2> Former Military and Police Wannabees who think it’s the next best thing and don’t really know how to do anything else.
3> Lazy morons who think it pays well and they don’t really have to do anything - and who are largely incapable of doing anything else.
4> People in transition (like I was).

Hopefully you’re a 1 or a 4, and all I can recommend is getting some training or finding a different line of work. If you’re a 2, good luck. If you’re a 3, it’s time to think about your life and how you really want to be.

If it helps, I always keep a sweater at work because it is always freezing, especially in the summer. 98 degrees outside and it’s 68 degrees at my desk right now. When I complained, they sent a guy up to investigate, with a meat thermometer. You heard me right, a meat thermometer. For some reason he wasn’t getting a good read on the temperature so he left and never came back.

We can thank movies and television for that. 99.99999999% of the time, security officers are depicted as idiots and/or overweight and/or way past retirement age.

Great poster / topic subject combo

I was speaking from my own experience in the field and all of those people I worked with.

But yeah, it’s a great recruiting too. “Hey, that guy is worthless, but he’s probably making good money doing nothing. I’m worthless, I’m sure I can do that job too!”

Now if only the people in charge would stop hiring them.

And for anyone else: Security companies don’t generally allow you to wear a sweater over or under your uniform.

I recommend middle or light weight thermal underwear. I had a lightweight thermal undershirt in a dark navy blue that passed uniform muster at most places I worked.

OSHA won’t be much help.

Are you sure they didn’t just hide it between the sofa cushions?

Maybe, but the trailer for Chimera: Pit Cop looks pretty good.

Furryman needs a sweater! :smiley:

Count your blessings. It’s gonna be 110 degrees here in the San Fernando Valley (hellish pit o’ despair)

He said the guard shack is about the size of a bedroom, not a living room.

OP, check behind the dresser.

Sounds like it wasn’t well done.