Fuck you, window-opener-freaks (and other unreasonable rants).

No, it is not hot. It is freezing. You know that thing outside? It’s called winter. It’s cold. It is freezing, fucking cold. The temperature in here is FREEZING. I can’t feel my fingers. Fuck you and your imaginary heat, you weird freaks.
You know the thing we’re inside? It’s called a “house”. It was built for the express purpose of keeping the cold OUTSIDE so we could be nice and warm INSIDE. Why the fuck would anyone go to the time, trouble and expense to build a whole freaking house just to let the cold BACK IN? What is WRONG with you!? Go run naked in the woods if you’re hot, you weird pervert.


And before you go there: no, there is nothing wrong with air inside. The air is fine. It is perfectly good air. You do NOT need to “air out”. You know what’s wrong with it though? It, along with everything else is FREEZING. You are not “dying of heat” or “unable to breathe”, you are making it up you weird attention-seeking drama-llama. It is COLD. Fuck of with your window-opening dramatics. LEAVE THE WINDOW ALONE!

Whew. I feel better now.

Especially if you’re hot! :smiley:

Maybe you do but it sure is warm in here.

I hate that people can’t even be on the same page when it comes to something as simple as temperature. I’ll be sitting in my office, wrapped in an afghan, wearing gloves and scarves, and literally shivering, and some guy (it’s always a guy) will see me and tell me how ridiculous I’m being since it’s not cold.

It is cold…to ME!!! And there are others who feel the same way. Do they think we’re ALL nuts? Or could it be that maybe, just maybe, our bodies are simply more sensitive than theirs and they need to STFU. It’s not like we’re fooling around with the thermostat. Why can’t they let us be cold in peace!?

When the building is warmer than usual and those guys are sweating, I look forward to telling them that it feel fine to me. But what I don’t do is tell them they’re wrong. Because that would be batshit insane.

I can understand opening a window (a crack) if you’re the only person in the room, and the door to the room has been closed to preserve the heat throughout the rest of the house. But if there are other people in the room, you need to get a consensus before doing something like that.

Because you people always crank up the thermostat to max and them look at us normies incomprehesibly when we explain that does not make the room heat up faster.

I do “air out” my house a few times every winter. But only when it’s unseasonably warm, and only for an hour or 2. It’s always such a relief to just feel some wind in the house. If you have someone opening your windows when it’s good and damn cold, that person needs to be… corrected.

You will not get the opportunity. Because the air conditioning will kick it. Because the thermostat is located twenty feet away from the vents. Which are located in a circle around your desk.


And then, when they leave the room, they leave the temperature at its max, thereby guaranteeing that when us cooler types use the room the next morning, we’ll all start the day with a heat headache!

Is 75F warm enough? I crack a couple windows when it reaches 75F, because if I don’t it will creep up to 78, and then I get grumpy. Winter wear includes layers and sweaters and fleece and flannel and warm wooly slippers. Put all that on and then get back to me. Pisses me off when people complain about how cold it is in the house when they’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

On one other note, if a hot flash is happening, all bets are off - but the person might be better served to just step outside.

No, 75 isn’t warm enough. :wink:

Fuck that shit. You wear indoor clothes* indoors. If I have to wear outdoor clothes indoors, what’s the freaking point of having a house? Refer to solution mentioned in OP if you can’t hack it.

That said, after converting 75F to something comprehensible to normal people, yes that’s fine. Standard temperature for workplaces is slightly colder (21.5C). I have no experience of this “thermostat” or “air-conditioner” of which you speak, but they sound hellish.

*One sweater, maybe a t-shirt underneath, pants. Anything more than that is outdoor clothes.

Sunday was 41 degrees and sunny. I have a third floor, south facing apartment.

I had the sliding glass doors wide open for 4-5 hours and was quite comfortable.

Right now it’s like 10 degrees and dark outside. My bedroom window is open about 2" because I sprayed stuff in there and it needs to air out a bit.

Suck it up, sunshine.

75 F is way too warm.

I help run a public event once a month, and every month the same jackhole wants the thermostat turned down because HE’S too warm. You’re not the only person here! I’m cold, so why don’t we crank it UP??

But…I’m too hot! And it’s stuffy in here!

I know! I’m on the top floor of a steam-heated building, (so, no thermostat) and after 3.75 years I’ve gotten kind of used to it, as I usually set the window a/c around 75 in the summer, too, or it’s really expensive. But at work, where it’s set at 68, I just wear layers and suck it up, buttercup.

THIS!!! Opening the windows every day for an hour is not good for your health. The air inside my home is cleaner than the air outside my home in my tree lined suburb, you don’t need to air out my house.

It is easier to dress up for the cool rather than dress down due to heat.
Unless this is your house…well then your rules.

You know what isn’t helping? All this yelling and blowing of hot air! Now I need to open up a window or two…

The best thing about winter is to let your room get super cold then wrap yourself up in a nice thick comforter. Mmmm, sleep like a baby!

Used to be, the first sound of Spring wasn’t a robin, it was a faint car radio being played in a convertible cruising down the street. And we heard it because everybody had their windows opened to that cleansing, thin warmth wafting through the house. Windows worked because they were used. Cracked bedroom windows led to touchy-feely while burrowed under the covers and saved us from aphyxiation (sp) from the heat of our choice. Nobody expected the inside to feel like summer in the wintertime. It was a time for flannel nightgowns and long johns and bedroom slippers or socks. And we didn’t go into shock when we stepped outside. I’d rather be cold than hot; I can add or remove layers but I can’t take off my skin.