DC Weather--I just love her sometimes

Like today, when it’s going to be eighty-five fricking degrees with 100% humidity. And since it’s only the third week of April, most places haven’t made the switch from heating to cooling in the aircon units. Luckily I’m young, strong and stupid, so I can deal with it, but what about people with emphysema, or old folks who’ll get heatstroke?
Our rabbits don’t like it, either. We have to put a frozen water bottle in their cage and turn fans on them so they don’t die. Stupid apartment management.
I’m going to invest in a garment bag and start coming to work in shorts and a t-shirt, carrying my dress clothes so they don’t wind up wet and stinky.


I’m not getting my heat switched to AC till Wednesday. I started sweating as I got dressed this morning, at 7 am. That ain’t right.

I almost typed “I hate summer,” but it’s not summer! :mad:

Fortunately, my apartment has an individual heat pump, so I was able to turn the AC on yesterday when it hit 80+ inside the apartment. Then my idiot roommate came home and started whining about how she’s on a tight budget and is concerned about having the AC on. I will listen to her concerns the second she stops leaving the fucking kitchen light on every single night when she goes to bed.

You have my sympathies – or at least as many of them as I can muster when it’s 45 degrees, overcast, windy and generally crappy here in Seattle.

What is this “sun” you speak of? What is this “heat”?

The pharmacy I work in was so fucking hot today that I left 30 minutes early because I was feeling faint.

I sat on my deck and read a book (in the sun) and felt much better :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, there is actually something wrong with the AC, apparently. We can expect this to go on for days. I think I’ll bring in a little fan, at least.


I sympathize folks, really I do. It’s just, well, I would kill for your weather. You see, it’s mid April, and we are on the oppsite end of the spectrum. We just got 5 inches of snow.

Five inches.

In Mid Flipping April.

Worst part is, it was really nice two weeks ago. snow melting, bright sun, fluffy clouds. I though spring was finally here at last. Nope. Ma nature just wanted to give me one last kick in the jimmy. Well, I’ll show her. My shorts aren’t coming off until next November dangit! (Well, within reason of course…) :slight_smile:

Ah the seasons of DC…

Winter: from mid November to Mid April

Spring: 3 days in Mid April

Summer: day after Spring to beginning of November

Fall: one week in November

The sun has been down for about 4 hours and it is still above 80F (27C) in my apartment. I have no idea when the AC will be on. I imagine it will come on when I move out in a month.

It’s ben a bit chilly here in sunny So. Cal

Heh, I made a mistake in my post above. My AC isn’t getting turned on till next Wednesday. You know, when the temperature is supposed to be in the 60s again. :rolleyes:

Heh. You know, here in Indiana, it was snowing 11 days ago. Now it’s so fucking hot in here that I’m concerned about my computer overheating. And, no, no air-conditioning in my dorm room; it’s not even an option.

I miss home.

Not that anyone is particularly interested, but it just reached 90F in my room. 7-11 and Slurpees here I come!

I’d like to give an alternative summation of the weather:

Shitty: November to March. Recognizable by high winds, overcast, temperatures hovering just above freezing, with frequent rain when one must spend extended periods outside. No actual snow ever falls, except when it dumps one to three feet while one is trapped in a mansion-like house with an insane cocaine-addicted girlfriend.

Pansy: March to late April, and October to November. Exactly like Shitty, but only on the weekends. Nobody really knows what the weather is like on the weekdays, except that it looks nice when one is inside, until they actually go outside. Locals look forward to open season on tourists who stand to the left on Metro escalators.

Unseasonable: April to June. A period of unusual weather, either too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. Except on the weekends, when it continues to fucking rain, even in the middle of a drought. Since records are set every year, scientists predict that by the year 2050 the Potomac will boil over and freeze

Hell’s Sauna: June to October. Instantly noticeable by the scent of ozone, hydrocarbons, and rotting garbage, and the background noise of area crack dealers murdering one another. Our pigeons and rats spontaneously evolve gills. It is during this season that Congress often makes the best decision it ever makes and leaves town, but not before annually debating whether or not to switch to the Metric system, in order to cool things off. Nevertheless, it still fucking rains on the weekends.

There is one other season, usually of very short duration, known as Vacation. This is when Washington’s weather is temperate, sunny, and divine. You, of course, are out of town during that season, and the weather reverts to its normal state when you return.

In Ohio it reached 94 degrees. For where I live, the seasons are:

Winter: October to mid-April
Spring: One hour in April, usually around Daylight Savings Time
Summer: The hour after Spring, to October
Fall: One hours in October, also on DST.

Can I just add “OH MY GOD THE POLLEN!!!”?

I’m not even allergic to anything, but when a normal pollen count is 100, and yesterday it hit 1500…this is insanity.

Someone told me once that you could tell a true DC resident because they drive gold cars. I laughed at the time, but my shiny 14 karat Ford Focus is lookin’ pretty clean next to all those other cars in the lot…

Not to worry, fellow DC Denizens - it will get better. And then it will hail. And then the plague of locusts will descend (when is Congress back in session, anyway?), and we’ll all succumb to a bizarre combination of “ozone days” and too much Old Dubliner Ale.

Every year, without fail, Bob Ryan says the pollen count is “unusually high this year”. No matter whether it’s been hot or cold, wet or dry.

What would it take to get an unusually low pollen count? Or is Bob just trying to pull the wool over on tourists and newcomers by implying it’s not usually this bad?

Our condo has central air, which is on but not blowing cold air like it should and the thermometer has been pegged at 88° since yesterday afternoon. I think the guy who fixed our furnace last fall screwed up something on the AC side.

Anyone checked out the forecast today? According to www.weather.com, we can look forward to goddamned rain again this weekend, despite today’s balmy conditions.

I am now convinced the area weather is influenced by those weasels over there on Capitol Hill. When they’re in session, as they are this week, they pump out so much hot air that it raises the local temperature. When they go home on the weekends, the temperature quickly drops, causing rain.

And it looks like we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the 95 degree weather on the way home today.

Why can’t these jagoffs wait til after rush hour ends to pull these stunts?

Today, April 18.

Six o’fuckin’ clock in the morning. Seventy-two degrees.

And the pollen count yesterday in downtown DC, at 20th and K, was …
2,578 !

Where anything over 90 is considered to be a heavy day.

I have been wearing aloha shirts, jeans and sandals to work for the last three days. I at least have that privelege, whereas others I saw in full dress suits or fatigues (I live next to the Pentagon) do not.

Next Monday’s forecast? 65 and partly cloudy. At least I’m having a BBQ this Saturday so we can enjoy some of the heat before it comes back in, oh, say three weeks.

Gotta admit. Christ what a miserable place to put a city. Thanks Tom!

but I still love it here. I live 1000 feet farther above sea level than most of you and it was STILL 92 degrees in Hillsboro yesterday.

Let me repeat that…

Ninety-fucking-two degrees.

I have poor neighbors with no AC. It’s like they’re living in the 1930s. I halfway expect John Steinbeck to wander past doing research for a novel or something.