DC Weather--I just love her sometimes

Why do we need all these furschlugginer trees anyway?? :slight_smile:

All time record April high of 96 degress in New York City yesterday, but today it’ll cool down to a refreshing 88.

Thanks for this thread, folks. No matter how rotten it gets in NYC, I always think “At least I’m not in DC.”

Do you guys do the same with Atlanta?

We don’t compare Hot-lanta to DC because at least you expect it to be nasty in Atlanta. DC has all the problems of a Northern city and a Southern city. Atlanta, at least you know where you stand.

Doug Hill says it might not actually hit 90 degrees today.

Fucking Christ, didn’t there used to be some distance between “wear a coat it’s fucking cold” and “strips to the BVDs, it’s Saunatime” in this area? I distinctly remember one year where there was actually a spring.

Of course, I also remember getting hit with a blizzard in April of '93.

It seems that I’m turning on the ol’ central AC earlier and earlier each year.

I envy women that get to wear cute spring jackets for longer than a week.


This is the one time of the year I’m glad I work in a cooler. Hey John Corrado, ever shop in Giant?

There’s a predicted high of 65° for Sunday! Whee!

Asylum, which one? The one on 29 & 198 (which is really Burtonsville) or the one on Rte 1 by 198? I shop at the former, not usually the latter.

The one on Rte 1. I was thinking it’d be kind of cool if you were one of my regular customers and I was unaware, but apparently not.

I do help out sometimes at the one on 29 & 198 however, but that’s spotty. Wish I could go there permanently; better looking women. Which if you think about it is the one good thing about our current temperature: skimpy clothing.

Well, now that the entire Atlantic Ocean has been dumped on our heads, I’m sure it’ll cool down somewhat…

My office went from sunny to black and ominous in about a minute. Spooky!

We just had ice-cube sized hail roll through here between the White House and DuPont. I just spent the last ten minutes watching all the bicycle cops (imported for our upcoming IMF Demonstration et al) scatter for their lives.

No busted windshields that I can see, though. Must have been soft hail.

Why can’t it still be winter? I don’t feel any closure :frowning:

Aguecheek is right. Man, that was a storm. I kicked my folks home an hour early because of it.

Scary scary scary.