Morsi's wife

I read on Jihad watch Morsi’s wife is threatening to publish letters from Hillary Clinton. Does anyone have further links to this jazz.

How is that a threat? She wrote the letters in a time and context and there shouldn’t be any problem with them.

As a general rule, if someone publicly threatens to release some claimed damaging information on a public figure, it never actually ends up happening. If the person wanted to damage the figure, they’d just release the actual information instead of talking about doing so. If they wanted to blackmail the person, they wouldn’t do it publicly. If they just spout off about how they could damage the person if they wanted to, they’re bluffing.

That or they’re making a covert attack. If you publicly threaten to release incriminating letters against a public figure and then don’t follow through, some people are going to assume the public figure paid you off. And therefore the incriminating letters must exist and they’re now free to imagine whatever contents they wish.

And that’s how conspiracy theory’s are born.

Conspiracy theories, covert attacks and blackmail, fortunately for me, not my action.

Re “She wrote the letters in a time and context and there shouldn’t be any problem with them.”

I don’t have a dog in this fight and not looking for one here, I am just curious and wanted to know if anyone knew anything further re these alleged letters.

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Right. “Just Asking Questions”.

She was the Secretary of State. I expect she sent all kinds of letters to all kinds of people.


Right “Just asking questions” I don’t know you, nor you me.

but thanks anyway.