Mortality statistics

What is the age at which a human being has the fewest chances of dying?

Newer data likely exists.

If you are alive today, your chance of dying yesterday is extremely small.

When I studied life contingencies as part of my actuarial degree, the lowest population mortality rates were experienced at about ages 8, 9 and 10. I’ve just had a quick look at the latest copy of the Australian Life Tables and this still appears to be the case.

A logarithmic curve of ‘probability of death within one year’ versus ‘age in years’ can be found here (pdf).

Curve drops rapidly from birth to the lowest probability at around 10 years old. The curve then rises, flattens out a quite a bit from 20 to 35 and then rises fairly straight again towards probability of 1 curving asymptopically towards 1 after about 85.

The probability of death in the first year is the same as about age 55-60.

Notice there is a little dip again for females from about 20-24. I think this is a more recent occurence - an older graph I have does not show this.