Mosques in US vs. Afghanistan

The US has been accused of fighting against Islam in some of OBL tirades, but seeing the number of mosques in the US, I’m wondering if indeed we do have more mosques here than in Afghanistan.

Does anyone know the numbers of mosques here vs. Afghanistan? If indeed we do have more, or a large number of mosques, it would be some sort of propaganda if in the future there were to be another war in the Middle East.

presented below is a sample conversation between a journalist and muslim students

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     (Notice that every muslim represents death he would surely kill anybody for no reason sanity is clearly not a muslim value neither is tolerance and these people do not believe in talking and resolving problems via talking to each other. they did rather die  but will not allow any non muslim to live peacefully)

                      "" NOW NOTE THE HYPOCRITIC CHANGE OF STANCE  ""

        As I left the mosque, Muhammad and a group of his friends approached me. "We'd like you to embrace Islam," he said. "We love you. We want you to have Islam."

this change of stance clearly suggests that muslims hate all non muslims and have no respect for any non muslim and have no respect for life. IT STANDS OUT AS A OVERT THREAT TO ALL 6 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH TO CONVERT TO ISLAM OR FACE SURE DEATH and Life cannot continue peacefully till the world is rid of the scourge known as Islam.

Now let us study Islam and the SETTLERS POLICY in depth

Muslims travel all over the world in the garb of students traders and tourists.
they settle down in every country. after some time they use their minority status as an excuse to create chaos in society. rape and murder, loot and plunder are standard policies of islam used to destroy the very fabric of every society. they use various methods to make the natives submit to their whims and fancies. they do not miss an oppurtunity to pressurise and force non muslims to convert to islam and then they use these people as human fodder to perpetrate further destruction.

Islam and muslims specially target the lowest strata of every society and build up a base of followers who are then used to scare non muslims into total submission to be dominated and governed by the most disgusting rules in the name of islam. a deep hatred for life and peace as well as no belief in basic values of life such as peace by each and every follower of islam is the reason for the negative thought process of all followers of islam.


even today muslims travel far and wide in the garb of refugees , traders , students , labour etc
and the first thing they do, they ask for funds saying they need it to settle down. whereas they use these very funds to create trouble , buy arms, and open relgious schools where children as young as five are taught that all non muslims are infedels and it is every muslims duty to kill them and establish a muslim world. the muslim person never feels at ease in any society. so the first thing they end up doing is building mosques and madrasas so that they feel secure and then they start increasing their wing of influence by buying more area around the area already captured. once in majority they declare independance saying this being a muslim dominated area it should be created into a separate country. after which the vicious circle starts all over again.


the holy quran and haddis have no mention of women or their role in islam. not a single women finds mention in any book of islam. what kind of religion does not recognise the role of women in rise of civilization uptill today. only a sick religion like islam can treat women as mere objects. more like we treat a pen or pencil. they are kept inside houses wrapped in black cloth.
no wonder most of muslim nations still follow stone age policies.
women do not have the right to educate themselves. they do not have the right to work.
islam treats an illeterate man with more respect than a literate woman.
muslim men can marry four wives. and if raped the women is stoned or gets 20 lashes in public
consider one of the catch 22 situations for muslim women …
a woman can never become a doctor and cannot be treated by a male doctor…

billions of dollars invested in muslim countries like pakistan have yielded nothing.
80% of the money has been spent on weapons and ammunition. pakistan today has more bullets then paper. and still the west has no ideas how to deal with this menace.
it would be better if the west understood that such countries should be put under political quarantine. till they satisfy a certain condition nobody should come out and nobody should go in
for example the west can quarantine pakistan in a manner such that till they gain 100% literacy
nobody can travel out of or in to pakistan. a similar condition will go a long way in telling pakistan that untill it mends its ways it will face penalties.

there is no point in allowing muslims to move out of critical areas such as pakistan and afganistan anyway. the pakistani muslim who is stuck in afganistan is dangerous but equally dangerous are those pakistani muslims living in pakistan

The stench of barbarism, mediaevalism and misogyny emanating from the muslim world specially pakistan and afganistan has become so pronounced that even the president of the United States felt it necessary to raise his voice and condemn the Taliban’s policies

The muslims are busy justifying the policies of Qoran, Holy book of Muslims. let us study those policies one by one.

  • an educated woman has less rights than an illeterate man in islam.

  • women are penned up like sheep in the recesses of their homes

  • women are deprived of the right to education and to work outside the house

  • women are barred from seeking medical attention -even if they themselves or their children
    perish of hunger or for want of medical care

  • women are compelled through extreme impoverishment to sell off their dear children

  • do not have the right to use all-women public bath-houses in conditions where few homes have
    bathing facilities

  • are insulted and humiliated and flogged for not wearing clothes in accordance with muslim

  • whose only staunch and intrepid organisation (RAWA) is daily the target of blood-curdling
    terrorist threats

  • women are murdered in cold blood by taking them to football stadiums and shot in the head if
    they as much as show their finger or ankles

  • according to islam punishing somebody is a matter of great joy. the spokesman of mullah omar once said that just every good thing brings joy to people all over the world, similarly it brings joy to us in killing men and women who have committed crime. it is a well known fact that men are hung from goal posts in football stadiums and women shot deat or thrashed in public for not confirming to Islamic Law (islamic law is nothing but a sham, group of stone age laws)

–who, in his or her right mind and living day in and day out with hundreds of such senseless infringements on individual rights and liberties under muslim domination all over the world
would still think islam is a religion. Muslims have been flouting the basic principles of life for so many years all over the world. via trademark policy of the gallows, the whip and systematic humiliation of the population at large. Only those of Taliban moral and intellectual calibre would be capable of such an insult to humanity.
The savage treatment of women under islam is so disastrously incredible that it has attracted world attention, and hundreds of human rights and women’s rights organisations and pro-democracy entities have condemned the barbarism and the violation of women’s basic rights.

Islam legalises rape of women by allowing forcibly marrying second, third and fourth wives without any consent of the women involved. Even if we for a moment give them the benefit of the doubt, it is common knowledge to all muslims and many non-muslims that since the domination of the Taliban perverts rape of young boys has drastically increased and this wave of infamy is so widespread that not only innumerable families are sending their young sons abroad to save them from such shame, but even some time ago the Taliban chief, Mullah Omar, felt himself compelled to ask his followers to desist from keeping barefaced boys as their sex partners on the battle fronts!

The muslims believe that by amputating hands and feet of alleged thieves, qasas [religiously sanctioned slitting of human throats] of alleged murderers, stoning to death of sex offenders and other savagely criminal punishments they are able to “ensure the life, honour and security of women” and cure society of all social ills. Little do they realise that social evils have deep social roots and that it is beyond the mental capability of rotten-to-the-core mediaevalist muslims and their like to remedy such social evils with sublime ignorance. At this writing, hundreds of reports of rape and murder and various forms of infamy committed in pakistan and afganistan are pouring in. Few such reports from the graveyard of life that we know as pakistan and afganistan has become are published in the media.

the muslims assert that nobody has the right to interpret islam in a negative way. as they have no knowledge about islam."

But as a general rule, the moral attitude of a nation, of the people themselves, is quite apart and distinct from that of the governments that govern them. Freedom-loving peoples and organisations standing up for human rights denounced the atrocities of the Taliban’s Jihadi brethren-in-creed at the time and now expose and condemn the Taliban’s barbarism and especially their savage misogyny. In fact it was the protest of American public opinion that prompted President Clinton to voice the American people’s condemnation of the Taliban, despite the fact that American allies namely pakistan UAE and saudi arab in the region continue to support the selfsame Taliban criminals with cash and armaments.

There is no great difference between the Taliban and their Jihadi brethren-in-creed namely pakistan. The Jihadis perpetrated their heinous crimes through crude use of arms and wanton carnage and looting. muslims all over the world do not desist from such a style; they have only complemented it with a subtler form of criminality. The Taliban pound the heads of the people of Afghanistan with the Koran and with their Sharia Law. The Jihadis specialised in physical devastation of people; the muslims are experts in spiritual and psychological devastation. The strategy is to utterly beat the female half of the muslim population into traumatised autism so that they would have nothing to fear from at least half the population. And then to destroy any sign of civilisation by destroying temples and churches , places of worship, places of economic significance etc and make it impossible to live like human beings and take us back to stone age when people used to kill each other for no reason whatsoever.

But holding the Kalashnikov in one hand and the Koran in the other will not spare the muslims from inevitable military and political death. Neither will these latest lies and shameless deceptions save them from the reckoning and trial of our insulted and humiliated people.

It is superfluous to comment any further on the hilarious buffoonery mouthed by ignoramuses like mullah omar and other muslim leaders in pakistan and afganistan) who as yet do not know whether the United States has a king or a president. Yet quoting what the Taliban “ambassador” has retorted to insult the intelligence of the world community may perhaps serve to bring a smile of disgust on the lips of Afghans, the most agonised people on Earth.

Religious liberty, the freedom to proclaim a religious identity and practice it without fear, is an aspiration and an inalienable right of people everywhere. When practiced with tolerance, it can be one of the keys to a stable, productive society. But generations of hatred may be sown when it is delayed or denied. It is central to the strength of free peoples. Its protection and promotion are important elements of America’s support for human rights around the globe.

Religious liberty, the freedom to proclaim a religious identity and practice it without fear, is an aspiration and an inalienable right of people everywhere. When practiced with tolerance, it can be one of the keys to a stable, productive society. But generations of hatred may be sown when it is delayed or denied. It is central to the strength of free peoples. Its protection and promotion are important elements of every society and country.
people should be free to profess their beliefs without fear and to live by them without impediment.Where the rights of persons of any faith are not secure, no one’s rights are secure. And violent persecution that begins with one group all too often engulfs whole nations in conflict.

hindus have suffered since the 14th century at hand of muslim invaders. Systematic destruction of temples and all symbols of hinduism in our own homeland INDIA has resulted in hindus living in eternal fear forever for our lives and religious freedom. and now the same is happening to the rest of the world.

hinduism represents peace progress and complete non-violence.
we have never aggressed on anybody in the long history of our existence and yet we all are threatened by the same satanic evil that we know as islam.
hinduism is the most tolerant religion and only wants to promote peace all over the world.
That is why our commitment to religious liberty is a fundamental source of our strength in the world.

To fulfill this commitment, we are working actively to promote tolerance of legitimate religious expression for adherents of every faith. We have not hesitated to speak out fail to ensure the safety of any religious group. And we use all the tools available to work for change within societies and with authorities around the world.

muslims on the other hand know a single minded policy of hatred, destruction and chaos.
muslims target lowest strata of each society all over the world and try their level best to destroy the very fabric of civilisation that human beings have built after so much hardwork.

please let me know what you think about islam and mail me

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About 1,200 in the U.S. according to a recent study I’ve seen ( I can dig it up if you like ).

To the best of my knowledge, there are no exact figures for Afghanistan. But I’m guessing it is more than 1,200. I’ll note that after the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the numbers in Uzbekistan jumped from 80 to ~5,000. Further I’ve seen the number in Russian Central Asia pre-1917 cited at ~25,000 ( obviously that number soon dropped precipitously ). While Afghanistan probably lost quite a few during the war, there are still more Muslims in Afghanistan than there is in the U.S., by a pretty good margin.

Perhaps. But even if it were true, I would probably be the sort to nitpick that it is an apples and oranges comparison considering the enormous disparity in size between the two countries.

That said, I think that playing up the freedom of religion present in the U.S. in general and the number of Muslim citizens, is a good propaganda move :slight_smile: .

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