Thank you, Taliban

This might belong in MPSIMS, but it’s a response to some of the themes we’ve seen here in GD. (Besides, I’ve never posted there and am too lazy to want start.) I’m not going to name names, it’s been done.

We keep hearing the argument that we are at war now because of US foreign policy in the west. If the US wasn’t culturally imperialistic, if there were no troops in Saudi Arabia, if we didn’t support Israel, well, none of this would have happened. And you know, there’s some truth to that.

But there’s a lot more truth to the idea that it’s not enough to be against something; you have to be for something. And thanks to the Taliban, we know what Islamic fundamentalists are for. When they say they want to overthrow the government of Pakistan or Egypt, we’ll know what they want to replce it with. When they complain about our decadent western ways, we know what their values are. When they say our women are whores, we know that theirs are prisoners.

For decades, we were told that communism would work if it got the chance. Instead, communism was not shown for what it was until it had already taken hold of two huge nations. The Jihad strain has made the mistake of showing us its face too early.

The morally obtuse apologists for terror (to borrow a phrase) among us insist we ask why people of bin Laden’s ilk hate us. I do not care. I don’t care why or even if they hate me. Because I have seen what they are for, I hate them. I hate their repression of dissent, their indifference to humanity, their desecration of a peaceful religion.

I don’t think violence is always the solution to evil. But when the devil dares you to take your best shot, you take it.

So thank you, Taliban. Thank you for letting us know exactly who and what we are fighting. Perhaps in the near future, my country may reevaluate our foreign policy. I hope it is a conversation with many voices, including those of our allies.

You, however, will not be a part of it; having removed yourself from the ranks of the civilized, you have lost the right. More to the point, you will be dead.

furt, your OP does not belong in MPSIMS, and neither does this.

Today’s issue of The Times carries a feature by Nick Danziger, always a reliable source, concerning everyday life in Afghanistan, which is accompanied by a short piece on beatings and amputations perpetrated by Taleban.

Truly a depressing life that the Taliban have forced on their people. These folks need our prayers just as much as the victims of the terrorism and their families.

I thoguht this article was very interesting, in that it includes views from folks who do support the Taliban, and find them a better alternative to what they had before. There’s still lots of “look at the atrocities”, but it’s more balanced IMO.

After reading the article rjung, and on an approval rating of 1 to 10, my view of Taleban has risen from 0.0 to 0.1.

But then I do not think Islam is for me, so my assessment should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Thanks for the source. :slight_smile:

Hey, I never said they were nice guys. :slight_smile: I just thought it was fascinating how their supporters explained their support.

Very interesting article, indeed. Thanks for the link.

It was an enlightening article. It also shows that with all their faults, the Taliban is doing what they THINK is right. They are also more than willing to die for their beliefs, maybe more willing than we are. This should terrify us all.