Taliban Stupid and Just Don't Care?

Is their world view so limited that they don’t realize how this execution video will be viewed in the rest of the world or do they not care that it causes billions of people to hate them?

What are you talking about?

Their world view is limited, they believe they are in the right, and they don’t really care what we think about it because they believe we are wrong.

The OP is referring to the video of the execution of this woman who was accused of adultery. And I think this is going to end up in the Pit sooner or later anyway, so I’m going to send it there now.

And to answer the question, the Taliban don’t care what we think. They know most of the world finds this horrifying, but they only care about their religious law and about making sure the local population is too terrified to stop them.

It’s like the Phelps Klan on steroids.

They are religious fanatics. That says it all. No matter what anyone else says or thinks about them, they thing gawd is on their side and everything they do has his/her/its blessing and approval.

They are stupid and they don’t care. Or, I should say, they have a very parochial outlook on things and basically don’t give a shit how it plays outside of their little world.

Also, from something I was reading earlier, this whole thing might have been even more distasteful, as the whole adultery angle might have been bullshit…it was really about killing this woman who was causing tension or something like that between two Taliban chieftains/leaders, and the easy solution was to just whack the woman an then piously claim it was all about adultery.


Apparently, at least some of the Taliban wasn’t exactly thrilled about it either:

Yes, that would be the good news, such as it is. So maybe we’re slightly wrong here- it could be that even the Taliban found this execution repulsive or at least they were worried about the publicity. Not that it helps the victim.

Actually he was only pissed because that was “his” woman.


I keeelllll you!

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I think they are thinking about it the same way as those Americans who voiced the opinion that we should bomb Mecca in response to 9/11. They know that they are the good guys, and that all those who don’t subscribe to their beliefs are the bad guys, and that if they are extreme enough their opponents will be cowed into submission.

Maybe. It doesn’t really say they were killed because of what happened to this woman, however…merely that they were killed. They might have been whacked for completely unrelated reasons dealing more with internal Taliban politics (or because they looked that the third commander funny). I’ve seen no Taliban position decrying this event or claiming it was in any way wrong.


Taliban don’t care. Nothing ratels them.

If they keep whacking each other, eventually they’ll be down to 1 guy with a death wish.

All true. We don’t know. And even if they did get killed over this murder, that only means the Taliban will apply thuggish frontier justice to its thugs who apply frontier justice in front of a camera. It’s not evidence of their dedency or their commitment to human rights- it just sounds like two murderers got what they deserved.

They’re kind of like the honey badger. Honey badger don’t care!

Musteline luv can, seemingly, be dangerous… :eek: