Mosquitoes think my phone is people.

I like to sit outside and read sometimes, but I live a few hundred feet from a pond, so that means this time of year I become a blood doner. Currently I’m using an Android phone as my reading device, and I’ve noticed that mosquitoes like to land on the screen and poke around on it trying to hit a vein. Don’t know what it is about this phone, I’ve never noticed them showing interest in other devices.

(At least it has a capacitive touchscreen–my late, great Sony Reader had an IR touchscreen, which was not only apparently attractive to flies, but also extremely sensitive, with several instances where I’ve had fruit files change pages, highlight words, and even look words in the dictionary.)

Maybe get some mosquito dunks for the pond?


Most likely the mosquitoes are responding to the chemical scent your phone emits. Or, they could be attracted by the stuff that it got on it while it was in your pocket.