The bites are getting worse this year. They usually don’t even itch, but I’ve dated girls with smaller breasts than these damn things.

Mine are horrid, too. I’ve always gotten bitten, but this year it’s worse than ever. I almost always get them when I’m at the pool…no fun.

They’re gone after an hour…they usually last ten minutes.
Maybe it’s Global Warming.

I nearly lost a pint in Hawai’i a week ago. Twenty-five bites, all on my lower legs and feet. It was gross.

Brazil was pretty bad a couple months ago, and it was winter! Anything that wasn’t under the mosquito net was toast!

They are even bad this year in the UK. This is probably due to our recent floods which have left a lot of water-logged ground enabling more of them them to breed . Several people I know have had quite a bad reaction to them.

They haven’t been too bad here in west central Indiana, and we live right down the road (2 blocks) from a wetland area!
I was just saying yesterday that it was so nice not getting eaten alive this summer. Of course, it’s been horribly hot and humid for the past two weeks, and maybe that had something to do with it.
I went out this morning to have my coffee on the back porch. It’s 81F and very humid. I was bitten twice. Once on the top of my foot, and once on my shoulder.
I guess I shouldn’t tempt fate like that, eh?
Damn 'skeeters.

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I got bitten on the face when I was in France recently. It gave me what looked a very prominent cheekbone. If I’d been bitten on the other cheek I might have had a short-term modelling contract. Hey-ho.

I haven’t gotten bitten since I’ve gotten fat. No, really. Not a single itchy bite for the last 4-5 years. People around me get chewed to bloody welty pieces and I go unscathed. I can’t be sure it’s the obesity, but if it is, it’s the single best thing about being overweight! I’m on the path to weight loss now, we’ll see if it makes a difference next summer.

I live in The Great Dismal [del]Swamp[/del] Desert. It’s been so dry that the mosquitoes are almost non-existant. Yet, there is a downside. The gnats are terrible, and the little bastiges swarm my ears ( :confused: ) about 10 seconds after I go outside.

I’d rather have the skeeters.