Most affectionate breed of cat?

I’ll have to concur because that’s what I got. Delilah Underfoot is as cute as all get out and will follow me around the house, sleep with me in my bed and is really enjoys cheek rubs. Very often her cheek is drawn like a magnet to my hands when I sit down. When I’m trying to go to bed and all she wants to do is rub her cheeks over my face it begins to be a little too much and I have to push her onto her side and roll away before she lies down herself. So there’s anecdotal evidence that the breed is very very affectionate.

As a bonus she will often come when I call her. She is also very friendly towards strangers who aren’t little kids.

Can’t argue with this. Maine Coons are amazingly friendly, affectionate, and smart cats. Funny vocalizers too. Very big, though (the biggest of all domestic cats) and they shed.

If you want a new cat, try to find a Maine Coon. Terrific animals.

Another vote for Maine Coon. I have a Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest cat(?) mix and he is affectionate almost to the extreme. A very lovey cat…

I had a Russian Blue male when I was a kid, and he was very skittish and unfriendly at (most) times. Not a bad breed, but I wouldn’t get another one.

I have a cat that sounds like a Tonkinese (tortoiseshell mutt). She’s extremely tolerant; she’ll let you do just about anything to her, including pushing her over* and carrying her over my shoulder. She loves a belly rub, and when she thinks she’s done anything wrong, she does a somersault and bares her belly, meowing pitifully.

*Before anyone thinks we just knock our cat around, we don’t. I’m talking about touching her back (she arches her back down instead of up when it’s touched) and then pushing her gently onto her side. We do that to keep her from picking an annoying place to sleep on the bed. She’ll usually stick with the place you chose for her, unless she has her mind focused on a certain spot. Did I mention she was also extremely single-minded and stubborn when she gets her mind on something?

In my experience its less about the breed and more about raising it properly.

I’ve had tabbys, calico’s, and about half a dozen others and they were all equally affectionate. The trick is getting them as young as possible (around 8 weeks), and teaching them to be comfortable around people by handling them as often as possible and just providing lots of love. In that respect they are like any other creature on the earth.

The Norwegian Blue is remarkable, eh, guv? Beautiful plumage.

Oh, wait. Wrong critter.

Scottish Folds are also supposed to be very affectionate, but can be one-person cats. I’ve always – well, usually – had good luck with plain old mutt shorthairs. Ahab was pretty evil, but I still miss him terribly. We cat people can be a soppy bunch, though; just look at Nanny Ogg and Greebo.

It depends more on the cat’s early exposure to humans and its personal temperament than anything else. Many of the cats at the local humane society or shelter are crazy for love, and sometimes shelter staff will know which ones are “lap cats” and which aren’t.

We have a Singapura and a Russian Blue, and both are very affectionate, albeit in different ways.

The Russian Blue girl is a little love bug–she’ll climb in my lap and purr her head off, and she loves to flop over on her back and look at me sweetly until I rub her tummy. She also likes to ride on shoulders, which I consider a very endearing trait. :slight_smile:

The Singapura boy likes to be affectionate on his own terms–he doesn’t like to be held much, but he’ll come curl up on my lap, hang out on top of my monitor, and sleep under the covers next to me.

I think almost any cat if it’s well socialized around loving humans at a young age will be affectionate, but different cats show affection in different ways.

My cat is super friendly, but I would like to know why shoving his butt in my face is affectionate??:confused:

He’s saying you’re buttiful.