Most affectionate breed of cat?

I’ve been told that Siamese cats are the most vocal, but which breed is the most affectionate?

The one that wants food and shelter

IMHO, Russian Blue (which are actually grey).

The breed called “Rag Doll” is said to be the sweetest of disposition due to the fact that it’s breeder started the line with a few extremly docile cats.This breed is known to go limp in your arms.
IIRC, the cats she started with were Birmans. These are the long haired cats that look something like Siamees or Himalayans(Without the peek face)The outstanding phisical mark that sets Birmans apart from Himalayans is that they have white at the tips of their paws.(Part of a legend states the white appeared after the cat defended a dead body, white where the blood was on the cats feet)
FWIW, Abysinnians are the most athletic. (No Knicknacks for you)

In my own experience, Tabbies are the most affectionate, especialy the longhared ones.

The most affectionate breed of cat is a dog.

Ha. Not always. I have three of each (3 dogs, 3 cats) and my cats have the upper hand on affection in my house. All three of my cats are mutt cats (mixed breed rescues), and are very affectionate.

Not such a glib remark. I had two of the eight cats that lived in our house (not all at once mind you.) They both were strays and one was abused. All our cats were friendly but the two that I looked after were always very affectionate towards me. I was probably the first one to show them any sort of care and attention so they were probably over the moon.

Give it a lot of attention & handling when it is a kitten and I suspect most cats (maybe all) will grow up affectionate.

The domestic cat - the one at the local SPCA who looks at you with pretty eyes and gives a little meow that means “take me home!”

And so you do.

And they bite your ankles while you sleep, and do their claws on your leg, but dammit, you know they love you!

No one picks out a cat for its personality. You pick it out for its looks. The personality can be changed through training.

Or you can be like me and pick up a stray at the Humane Society and discover that it liked to use scratching posts without any prompting.

A friend of mine had a Russian Blue that lived on top of his refrigerator for about 10 years and freaked out when anyone tried to touch it.

IMHO - mixed breeds from the SPCA are the most affectionate.

Charteaux cats are very affectionate. I have one, and he loves me. The only bad thing about Charteaux breeds is, IIRC, that they are pretty rare.

It’s not so much the cat,but the user/owner/owned human that interacts with it.

Every cat I’ve had has been from the pound,or friend’s rejects they couldn’t keep.Never had more than 2 at a time,but they all thought I was the cats’meow :slight_smile:

I think it comes with understanding their heads.

Most cats,after abt.a weeks’ orientation of kind of ignoring their peculiarities,but feeding them regularly,will respond to the old,stroke them on the cheeks,flanks,and top of head when they come to the food bowl.After that it’s just a matter of time before you can’t keep them off your lap when sitting,or chest when laying down,or shoving their butt in your face (this is a cat showing affection,BTW-not mooning you):slight_smile:

Be as aloof as they are initally,it may be some of the last times you’ll have any peace from them unless they’re sleeping (hopefully not on your lap)

Maine Coon

And it is damn tough to get a wild cat to be nice no matter how much kindness and food ya through its way.

My half-cat was feral, and still is. However she is amazingly affectionate with me, more so than any other cat I’ve ever known, more like a puppy than a cat.

She distrusts all strangers and FREAKS if I’m carrying her outside and she hears/sees other humans.

She is also even more affectionate and docile while pregnant.

It’s weird, because she is wild, and I only managed to tame her to be used to me (not humans generally) but she is so sweet, and soft, and trusting - even clingy - with me.

Breedwise she is a skinny dusty black Arabic cat, pure alleyway-pedigree.

IMHO it all depends upon the cat.

Off to IMHO.

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The Somali was also bred for temperment. They are major belly-sluts and highly affectionate. A lot, of course, depends on whether you obtain one from a breeder who knows what s/he is doing but that is true for all pure breds.

I’ve had three mixed-breed cats and only one (the surviving one) has been a vile-tempered little beast. She’s dreadfully cute, though, so I haven’t strangled her yet.

Any Lonely Pussy will do just fine!

Tonkinese (Siamese + Burmese) are the sweetest cats I’ve ever had–smart, affectionate, physically demonstrative, and very forgiving. Some pet therapy trainers use them. I had one who was like the boneless cat in Peanuts–I could carry him around in any position and he’d just purr. His meow was less strident than Siamese, and he had incredible soft fur.

There’s much to be said for pound cats and socialization. My pound cats are not always willing to sit on my lap, but are always eager to interact when I get home.

BTW, I had a Russian Blue for almost 17 years and he was a very sweet and affectionate kitty.
My present (pound) feline has been identified as a Rag Doll, she does indeed go limp like a kitten when held, and is very devoted to us.