Most Americans oppose offshoring. We need to take action.

What makes you think that this is the appropriate place to witness about your pet issue? Why do you think we’re going to agree with you?

Jesus, man, get a blog. The SDMB is not your personal forum for political action.

You wouldn’t happen to have a cite for that would you?

You know, Blockhead Mace, if only you could plug your mouth and ears there wouldn’t be any such thing as global warming.

Are you tired of being an idiot?

Some Americans are trying to get jobs in Australia. Sure as hell beats being unemployed in the U.S… for as long as you guys can hold the line.

He’s not smart enough to know how to start a blog. He’d have to outsource that to an Indian programmer.

From what I have heard over the years, Scottrade doesn’t do offshoring.

I wonder if this is true. It’s hard to get inside them and find out for sure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Most Americans also want Creationism taught in schools, too. What does that prove?

It proves that most Americans, like me, know you’re a flaming idiot.

At some point cockroaches like you are going to get politically stepped on, publicly mocked and perhaps even chased out of the country.

Ah, I know why you flail like this so often… it’s because the whole COUNTRY despises your brain dead retarded viewpoint and you need someone to lash out at.

The less popular your fucktard point of view gets the more vitriolic you’re gonna get.


Was that the link you meant to post?

Did I code that right? I used a really big bolded font, so I assume that means I win.

You underlined “whole country” but linked to an article about how bill failed because it didn’t have enough support.

Dude, you are totally giving jobs to Indians by posting that link. Their offices are in California (manned by H1Bs no doubt!) and Bombay. Why couldn’t you have found an American website to link to?

Outsourcer! Hang him!

Among Republicans in the Senate, you moron.

Close to 90% of Americans, on the other hand, would have voted in favor of that bill.

At some point, quite soon, a majority of that size is going to get their way. And I’m going to be here to laugh at you when they do.

Wow. You guys really do care more about making fun of people than actually paying attention to what he’s saying. Because you guys have said the exact same thing a lot. You advise people to buy local, and pay more for their local stuff. Now this guy wants to organize it on a larger scale, and the best you can do is make fun of him.

If anything, it feels like I suddenly jumped on a conservative message board. One thing Le Jack has been is consistently liberal.

You are kidding, right? His meme is pure loony right winger. He’s pretty consistently derided outsourcing to ‘low wage’ country (a code word for ‘countries with yellow or brown folks in them’). Here, let me give you an example FROM THIS THREAD:

His meme isn’t to organize and buy locally…it’s to impose ruinous trade tariffs that will force businesses to bring manufacturing back to the US (well…that’s what he thinks will happen) and punish ‘low wage’ nations (again, this is his fantasy not mine).

I think he’s really a right wing libertarian Mountain Man loony, who just happens to have a few things that he’s ‘liberal’ on…but basically I think he’s a fucking racist idiot. It’s instructional that you (and presumably others on this board) actually think the guy has been ‘consistently liberal’, however. Perhaps that explains why he’s been getting more or less a pass on some of the outrageous bullshit he’s been shoveling.

ETA: And check this out from his hate Conservatives thread:

Upper income folks who are used as an example of folks who really know best, and who we are presumably losing their support for ‘offshoring’ and ‘outsourcing’. Leaving aside whether his cite is full of shit, read between the lines there. And note he’s talking about ‘upper-income people’…like himself (though I think his claim to be a zillionare is full of shit).


So now you resort to insults and name calling? You said “the whole country.” 90% is not the whole country.

Bah, don’t take it seriously. They make fun of themselves more than they make fun of me.

Too many people who oppose offshoring fear that they’re alone or are intimidated by daffy ducks like emacknight and his merry band of mental midgets. The very worst thing you can do to the likes of him is to, as you said, organize.

Oh, boo hoo hoo.

Who said that? Not me.

Hey, Shit-for-Brains. Ever heard of argumentum ad populum? It’s what we in the business call a logical fallacy.

Organize what, exactly? Are you proposing that people go on strike from the jobs they no longer have because they’ve been shipped overseas?